American Goldwing Stream

Jamie McPherson about 8 years ago

Here - title track of new album - sounds f**king awesome. Not sure about the album cover tho...

blitzface about 8 years ago

Thanks Jamie, sounds great.

rudolph trapper about 8 years ago

Sounds awesome!!! Blitzen at its best. Cant wait to hear the whole album & for u guys to get to NYC!!!!! Freakin LOVE u MF'S!!!

jeglican about 8 years ago

Sounds good guys, interesting mix. Keep up the good work!

GrangerLang about 8 years ago

Agreed, it sounds great!  Definitely need to jam this while driving around with the windows down.

junglelove about 8 years ago

The theme from Taxi anyone ?

Jamieson about 8 years ago

damn you crafty trappers!  how can you release such a beautiful new song that makes me feel old and nostalgic?  i do love it though.  now if i can only find my merlin the electronic wizard...

the album cover really kicks ass and NEEDS to be on a t-shirt asap!! 

otisarungus about 8 years ago

It's a perfect union of WMN and Furr. I also like how different some of the instruments sound. The bass, keys, harp, drums, etc. sound vastly changed from previous recordings. I know I said it before in the recording thread, but I love it when a band can achieve this level of production on their own. I can't wait to hear the vinyl.

junglelove about 8 years ago

Interesting perspective on the new album

"I had already cobbled together a new record during the previous year of touring, Destroyer of the Void, a patchwork of songs from my past and present which hung together like a house of cards. But there were certain glimmers of where Blitzen Trapper was heading, a certain feeling of open road and of heartfelt loss. Having turned this in, we spent half of 2010 doing nothing, hanging around Portland, revisiting our earlier, less ambitious days of drinking and getting into trouble.

I wrote American Goldwing, our third Sub Pop release, in a span of six months, recorded most of it, and then we went on tour for Destroyer of the Void. We did more TV, including the Jimmy Fallon show, and we played for the biggest crowds we’d ever performed for at festivals through the summer (Lollapalooza, Newport Folk Festival, etc.), all the time knowing that this new record I’d recorded was the real record, the Blitzen Trapper record to come."

jeglican about 8 years ago

Read the post at subpop. Very poignant, I look forward to hearing this record very much.

junglelove about 8 years ago

Suggests that DOTV was the odd album out and that AG is the real deal.

Sounds promising.

steve mock about 8 years ago

That SubPop post from Eric is a wonderfully moving read. Of course... these men tell stories for a living. I do remember a younger Eric once talking about the joy that comes from messing with the press and in fact sometimes deliberately throwing red herrings across the trail. Though I'm sure I counted the word 'honest' in that post at least twice. (Y'all can do whatever you want as far as I'm concerned.)

But Tchad Blake? Come on... shit just got real.

Good job, men. Cannot WAIT to hear this.

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