Jun 29


El Rey Theatre

Los Angeles, CA
w/ The Moondoggies
  1. Black River Killer
  2. Laughing Lover
  3. Fire & Fast Bullets
  4. God & Suicide
  5. Love and Hate
  6. Destroyer of the Void
  7. Evening Star
  8. Heaven and Earth
  9. Lady on the Water
  10. Silver Moon
  11. The Man Who Would Speak True
  12. Taking It Easy Too Long
  13. Below The Hurricane
  14. Dragon's Song
  15. Sleepytime in the Western World
  16. Sadie
  17. Wild Mountain Nation
  18. Furr
  19. Big Black Bird
  20. Devil's A-Go-Go
Btdefault prmallon almost 8 years ago

amazing show.  so much fun.  will that new song ever be released?  something like "takin' it easy too long"?

Btdefault prmallon almost 8 years ago

also, if i am wrong about any of the songs, correct me, but i think i got it right

Tiny Matt almost 8 years ago

Crap, I think I accidentally messed up your setlist while testing the drag and drop ordering.  I think I only messed up the position of "Dragon's Song."  Sorry, prmallon.

I'll work on making it so it doesn't save the re-ordering unless you hit save.

Tiny Matt almost 8 years ago

Fixed my edits based on the setlist here: