Sep 09


Crystal Ballroom

Portland, OR
  1. God & Suicide
  2. Love The Way You Walk Away
  3. Black River Killer
  4. Love and Hate
  5. Fletcher
  6. Your Crying Eyes
  7. Evening Star
  8. Taking It Easy Too Long
  9. The Man Who Would Speak True
  10. If I Needed You (Townes Van Zandt)
  11. American Goldwing
  12. Furr
  13. Destroyer of the Void
  14. Fire & Fast Bullets
  15. Might Find It Cheap
  16. Astronaut
  17. My Hometown
  18. Girl In A Coat
  19. Sleepytime in the Western World
  20. Big Black Bird
  21. Street Fightin' Sun
  22. Wild Mountain Nation
  23. Encore
  24. Lady on the Water
  25. Good Times Bad Times (Led Zep)
Tiny GrangerLang over 6 years ago

Well, obviously they didn't do Lady on the Water twice, #17 should be 'My Hometown', but it won't let me save the changes for some reason. I blame the show for melting my brain and rendering me incapable of using technology. I'm just gonna go carve the setlist on a cave wall somewhere...

Tiny Matt over 6 years ago

Looks like to you stumbled on a bug there -- sorry about that. It's been fixed now so you shouldn't have that problem when updating setlists in the future, and I went ahead and fixed this one. Thanks for the heads up!

Tiny GrangerLang over 6 years ago

Thanks Matt! :)

Btdefault dubreville over 6 years ago

Hi Matt! Greetings from Montreal! My girlfriend Rachel and me will be at the show in Buffalo, October 29th at Mohawk Place. We're driving all the way from Montreal on that special day, a Saturday, in hope of hearing you playing our song: Saturday Night! One of the greatest song from one of the greatest rock band! Can't wait to see you live! Thanks!