Oct 20


HiFi Music Hall

Eugene, OR
  1. Wild Mountain Nation
  2. All Across This Land
  3. Black River Killer
  4. Country Caravan
  5. Stolen Shoes and a Rifle
  6. Sadie
  7. Fletcher
  8. Might Find It Cheap
  9. My Hometown
  10. Lonesome Angel
  11. Don't Let Me Down
  12. American Goldwing
  13. Asleep For Days
  14. Taking It Easy Too Long
  15. Love The Way You Walk Away
  16. Love Grow Cold
  17. Across The River
  18. Mystery and Wonder
  19. Evening Star
  20. Encore
  21. Stranger In A Strange Land
  22. Big Black Bird
  23. Destroyer of the Void
Picture Rebecca Falleur almost 2 years ago
Can't wait for this show! I'm hoping to hear some older stuff! This will be my friend Patrick Dill and I's 3rd show we've seen of yours! It's also his birthday!! :D YEY!
Picture Patrick Dill almost 2 years ago
Really looking forward to your concert! Can't wait to hear all the stories! It really gives the listener SUCH a deeper understanding of the song. I know it makes me feel the soul of it a lot stronger. I'm ready to rock, jam, and groove! I'll bring my shovel, for I'm sure to be scrapping my melted face off the wooden dance floor.