The Record Bar

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010
Kansas City, MO

w/ The Moondoggies

dustyrider 06/23/10

A few words about Blitzen Trapper:  I have never really had a favorite band, unless you count the Grateful Dead or something (else from our near rocknroll pasts), but that's my DAD'S favorite band.  It's been a short 18 months the the BT thus far, so that puts us around Furr's release, which I am sure many a trapper fan can understand.  But immediately I had "done my homework," though admittedly lacking Field Rexx.

I saw the boys in Lawrence, KS, twice in 09, and they signed my cowboy hat there last October.  Don't know if I hollered for 'em to play in Kansas City, but they came through anyway, last night.  I had gathered a few friends to the fold for this one.  One who had turned me onto the Trapps, and even ran into another who I had turned on a year ago.  I got to wish a couple of Trapps good set during the Moondoggies, whom I also greatly enjoyed.

Although happy to see you in my neighborhood venue, I still felt that BT was deserving of a bit more (Crosstown Station?).  The crowd had its true moments, and when I was really dancing it off with my Wild Mountain Lover to the first five songs, it was golden.  When Destroyer started up and I zoned in, she grew faint from the heat.  I knew it was a possibility going in, and I had to take her home.  Those few spins I gave my girl were worth the whole ticket, but when she hydrated and encouraged me to return, I made it back to the intro of Hurricane.

Seeing the crowd dwindle a tad, wondering what I had missed, encouraged by my pal's taunts of how I missed some awesome rock n roll for a girl, I just cruised the last set/encore, Sadie being a personal favorite during the close.

Another bud informed me of missing a few Acoustic songs from Eric, but he played one to open the encore that I cannot name, followed by an epic Jericho before BBB.

Trapps, I have played your music to my 4th grade class and analyzed the lyrical content as literature.  Jericho especially is our history, and working at a Catholic School I have milked that connection for all its educational worth!  You guys are my favorite band.  I hope even though you hadn't a place to chill during your set break, your ease with the heat makes me believe you'll rock our Midwestern home again sometime.  Thanks for making the new one a double vinyl!  Hopefully I'll find some lyrically appropriate stuff for next year's kiddoes.

Anyone else feel free to fill in what I missed.


Teresa 06/23/10

I fixed up the set list (I made notes on my iPhone - God bless technology) but it's missing two songs. After Wild Mountain Nation, Eric did a solo, new song called "Taking It Easy Too Long" and followed it with "Jericho" but that isn't in the list of songs to choose from.

The show was awesome, but I'd never been to The Record Bar before and it was about 343321 degrees, give or take. I almost thought I'd have to leave.

Funny moment from the show - Eric introduced the new song, saying he hoped we'd like it. A woman in the audience called out, "We love you!" to which Eric replied, "Thank you!" with a grin. Then, from the other side, some guy called out, "I only like you as a friend!" and Eric laughed and said he respected that.

Overall, good fun, and I'd love to see them again...though I hope not at that venue.

dustyrider 06/24/10

Did you even read my post, Teresa girl?  Suggest a better venue or something next time.

Teresa 06/24/10

I did read your post.

That said, I don't live in Kansas City, so I don't know any other venues in the area.  I traveled to see them.  I only mentioned the venue at all because, like you said in your post, it was horribly hot.

Patrick Mushrush 06/24/10


 I was the guy that called out. "I only like you as a friend". I am glad you enjoyed that...



dustyrider 06/25/10

All apologies.  Great show.

Matt 06/25/10
brookish3 07/01/10

Nice setlist!  But I'm hoping for another Eric solo on "Not Your Lover."  It blew me away in Eugene a couple of shows ago, and I'd love to see it again in PDX in July.  Can't wait!!

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