Maxwell's - SOLD OUT

Friday, December 9th, 2011
Hoboken, NJ

Erin Callahan Kumpf 12/02/11

Devastatingly (but good for you!!), the show looks to be sold out :(.

rudolph trapper 12/10/11

please tell me someone recorded last nights show @ maxwell's. ive been to 6 bt shows now & that was the best yet. ridiculously good. thanku bt.

JRP5 12/10/11

Rudolph, agree that was one hot show. I took a couple of videos I can send you if you you like. Just send me a message w ur e-mail.

Sara 12/10/11

Good news - NYC Taper was at last night's show and should have some high-quality audio of it up at some point. Check in to see when it's posted here:

rudolph trapper 12/10/11

awesome news sara. JRP5 id love to see your vids. my email is [email protected]. thanks!

JRP5 12/12/11

Thanks Sara, will look for that. That was an intimate show and I bet the AUDs will be sweet. RT, will send a few vids tomorrow via yousendit.

Aaron Cox 12/13/11

My first Blitzen Trapper show.  I think I have a new band to be obsessed over. Amazing band, amazing show!

JRP5 12/16/11

FYI, Maxwell's show is now available on ncytaper site for streaming or download. Rudolph, were you able to access the videos through dropbox?  FYI, great show from the FURR tour avaialble here:

peace, JRP5

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