Variety Playhouse

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010
Atlanta, GA

w/ The Moondoggies

indied 06/11/10

Great show! I'm pretty sure I know everything that was played, just not the order. If anyone can order them below, please do. I know it was quite similar to that posted for The Aquarium show. From Destroyer of the Void: everything except Lover Leave Me Drowning and The Tailor. From Furr: Sleepytime in the Western World, Furr, God & Suicide, Fire & Fast Bullets, Black River Killer, Not Your Lover, Lady on the Water. From the BRK EP: (in addition to BRK) Silver Moon, Big Black Bird. From WMN: Wild Mountain Nation and Country Caravan.

indied 06/15/10
waronpop 07/22/10

thanks for the link! This was the fourth time seeing BT and they never cease to impress!

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