Bootleg thread

A thread to post  links to live recordings, radio sessions etc etc..

Starting with this beaut.

Blitzen Trapper Live at Ironworks on 2016-06-14

What a killer setlist. Thank you for this!


@Junglelove - get a flight to the states and I'll set you up with a free place to stay in Ohio! :)


Lol - I'm over the pond mid November but the tour looks over by then.


Guess you'll just need to get yourself to Portland for a local show, then! Safe travels!


Another storybook show up on the archive - think the setlist needs a bit of tweaking..

Blitzen Trapper
The Sinclair
Cambridge, Massachusetts 9/27/2016

I was there for that one and you can probably hear me losing my shit before "Big Black Bird."
Blitzen Trapper Live at The Hoopla Festival on 2017-09-29

01. Saturday Nite
02. Fletcher
03. Texaco
04. Rock and Roll (Was Made for You)
05. Evening Star
06. "My Love is a Moon" ?? (when I'm dying)
07. Black River Killer
08. Baby Wont You Turn Me On
09. Astronaut
10. Love the Way You Walk Away
11. Stolen Heart
12. Love Grow Cold
13. Thirsty Man
14. Heart Attack
15. All Across This Land

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Merry Xmas everyone.

NB : The singing "in the round" on "Baby wont you turn me on" is brilliant. My favourite song on the new album given that extra live twist.

Blitzen Trapper Live at Turner Hall Ballroom on 2017-11-15

Collection BlitzenTrapper
Band/Artist Blitzen Trapper

Blitzen Trapper
Turner Hall Ballroom
Milwaukee, WI
November 15, 2017

Taper:  bersey (

01. Intro                                     00:34.00
02. Wild and Reckless                         04:52.00  
03. Fletcher                                  05:26.00
04. She Came In Through the Bathroom Window * 02:14.00 
05. Stolen Shoes & a Rifle                    02:59.00
06. No Man's Land                             05:10.00
07. Love Grow Cold                            07:22.00
08. Rebel                                     03:41.00
09. Black River Killer                        04:56.00
10. Astronaut                                  04:30.00
11. Baby Won't You Turn Me On                 04:01.00
12. Furr                                      05:01.00
13. Jericho                                   02:57.00
14. Love Live On                              03:45.00
15. Destroyer of the Void                     07:24.00
16. Rock and Roll (Was Made For You)          04:48.00
17. Encore Break                              02:09.00
18. Stranger In a Strange Land ^              04:15.00
19. Girl In a Coat                            04:16.00 
20. Ansel & Emily Desader (aborted)           01:13.00
21. Love the Way You Walk Away                04:36.00
22. Saturday Nite                             03:11.00
Total:                                      1:29:20.00

Opening acts - Lilly Hiatt, Peach Pit
* The Beatles cover
^ Eric Earley solo