Hey Joe from last night in Denver...

FatahRuark about 7 years ago

Great set last night. Thank you so much to the band, Sara, and Martin for treating tapers so well. There is no doubt that BT is the most taper friendly band touring today.

Working on the recording now, but figured I'd toss up a little preview. Enjoy.


FatahRuark about 7 years ago
GrangerLang about 7 years ago

Sounds good! Thanks for sharin'!

mojobaby75 about 7 years ago

This is fabulous. Great job!

Seeing them tomorrow night in KC and hoping it's as great as this show!


otisarungus about 7 years ago

That set sounds great. Love the Destroyer sandwich.

The Low Anthem is also very taper friendly, I'd say they're 1a) and 1b) at this point.

Jamieson about 7 years ago

thank you FatahRuark! sounds awesome

junglelove about 7 years ago

Thank you very much.


Definitely time for an official BT live release - Sub Pop don't tend to do them but Gomez etc offer download only concerts for a small outlay (or sometimes free) - but through the soundboard with some post mixing to beef up to the sound - would be well received - just do it BT !!





nooneastern about 7 years ago

yeah ! a live album would be awesome !

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