Timber Raft Fall Tour Posters



I'm shooting for a short edition (50 or so) of these handmade, screen printed tour posters and will have them on-hand at the Columbus, OH show on Tuesday, 10/13. Good heavy stock, 3 colors.

Ping me if you'd like one shipped.


Thank you and good day.


Steve, I would love one of those posters. Just caught BT 2 nights ago in Orlando and they were great. Drop me a line. DButts@cfl.rr.com


Finally got the Fall tour posters online. My patrons here from Columbus will vouch for quality, right? :)

As my cousin likes to say, "Don't hide it, divide it!" It is in this spirit that we now, indefinitely, are throwing down a BT twofer: purchase either of our two Trapper posters and get the other one absolutely FREE.


Merry Christmas!