10/25 - Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon

gatorbutts 10/26/11
OCDBT4ME 10/26/11

Thanks for posting, Gator!  I wanted to tune in last night but the show's on way past my bedtime. The guys sounded great and Jimmy was very generous with the close-ups of the vinyl!  Congrats, guys!

gatorbutts 10/27/11

Except maybe "The Last Waltz", right Kirk?

rudolph trapper 10/28/11

"love the way you walk away" in my opinion is prob my least fav song on the album. feel like the ppl @ subpop r pushing that song cuz its the most commercial sounding on the album. looking for a spot along side dawes on vh1's top 20. its a chic song. would love to see them rock out on national tv so america could really see what they can do. also i went to the show the other night @ webster hall & they absolutely blew me away (again). but it seemed when they played "walk away" they were just going thru the motions like we gotta play this & lets get it out of the way. btw "street fighting son" melted my face off live w the eri(c)(k)'s guitar dueling.

jeglican 10/30/11

I never got that impression. It certainly has more commercial appeal than maybe some other songs do but that doesn't mean it was pushed or wasnt natural.  Sub Pop isnt really one to push a band to be too commercial either.  I just feel like it just turned out the way it did by coincedence. I think its definitely a standout track.

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