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gatorbutts 8/30/11

Ok, in compiling a master "Blitzen Trapper Studio Tracks" playlist, I noticed that I have exactly 100 studio tracks in my library.  This includes tracks from all official LP's, EP's, singles, B-sides, bonus tracks and other compilation-only tunes.  All are "unique" (no alternate versions or remixes) and are original studio versions.  I was curious if others has assembled more?  FYI - I am not counting Garmonbozia or Eric's solo "Trapper" tunes here, just Blitzen Trapper proper.

junglelove 8/31/11

Can you post a text list ?

I note that i-tunes are advertising a bonus track edition of AG - could push you over the 100.

Bonus track on i-tunes is called "mission moon" and there is a digital booklet this time.

gatorbutts 8/31/11

UPDATED: Ok, I have narrowed it down to 111 tracks.  They are as follows:

Blitzen Trapper (2003) – 11 tracks

Field Rexx (2004) - 15 tracks

Cool Love #1 EP (2007) – 4 tracks

Wild Mountian Nation (2007) – 13 tracks

EP3 (same as 2009 BRK EP, minus BRK track) (2008) – 6 tracks

Furr (2008) – 13 tracks

Destroyer of the Void (2010) – 12 tracks

American Goldwing (2011) – 11 tracks


Simple Tree – DOV bonus  track

Ballad of Bird Love – Furr bonus track

The Last Thing on My Mind (Tom Paxton cover) – iTunes Live/Acoustic EP

Going Wrong – iTunes Live/Acoustic EP

Maybe Baby – Record Store Day single

Soul Singer – Record Store Day B-side

All the Stones – Patagonia compilation

Pink Padded Slippers – PDX Pop Now! 2005 compilation

War is Placebo – Record Store Day single

Booksmart Baby – Record Store Day B-side

Wicked – Choke Soundtrack

On A Dime – PDX Pop Now! 2006 compilation

Star Me Kitten (R.E.M. Cover) – Stereogum: Drive XM tribute compilation

Crushing the Wheat – PDX Pop Now! 2008 compilation

Look My Way – PDX Pop Now! 2010 compilation

Rent A Cop – Furr bonus download track

Farthest Shore – Furr outtake

New Shoes – For the Kids 3 compilation

Crazy on You (Heart cover) – Bridging the Distance compilation

A Lover Loves – Wild Mountain Nation outtake

The Gunslinger – “Waking Bullets at Breakneck Speed” sampler (unreleased)

Hot Freaks (GBV Cover) - "Sing For Your Meat: A Tribute to Guided By Voices"

Ballad of the Burning Tongue - DOV outtake (unreleased)

Mission Moon - American Goldwing bonus track

Hey Joe - Record Store Day single

Skirts on Fire - Record Store day B-side

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michael.james 8/31/11

Wow, that's a damn exhaustive list and I think it pretty much covers everything. In terms of timeline, we recorded Soul Singer and Maybe Baby during the DOTV sessions (what we were calling the Dragon session at the time that also produced All the Stones & Look My Way), BUT previous versions were hashed out in Gregg Williams studio for a record we shelved that had the working title BT3. Included in those sessions were Farthest Shore, New Shoes, On a Dime and a couple versions of Pink Padded Slippers. We just couldn't get a cohesive record out of the sessions so it was all scrapped in lieu of the self-recorded Wild Mountain Nation, of which Futures and Folly is the only track to survive from that BT3 session.

There is also an out-of-print CD-R called "Trapper" of just Eric recording on a reel-to-reel some blues and country stuff, just guitar and voice. 9 songs, mastered by Tony Lash, recorded before Field Rexx. It's super-great and I'm not sure what happened to it as it "fell off" iTunes somehow. I'll keep you updated if we get it back up there.

Anyway, I applaud you for your compilation - and can assure you that many, many, many outtakes will continue to surface over the years.

gatorbutts 8/31/11

Thanks for that history Michael.  I understand that other tracks from the ill-fated BT3 sessions ended up being released at shows as "EP3" - containing Silver Moon, Going Down, Shoulder, Preacher's, Black Rock & Big Black Bird, later to be released properly as companions to Black River Killer on it's EP.  Nice to know the history

Eric's solo "Trapper" record is a real treat.  Hard to find these days but I did track in down here for purchase/dowload:


Always eager to find outtakes, so please let those trickle out when you get the chance.  The album cuts are tremendous but sometimes the "lost tracks" tell stories of their own that are just as interesting (Specifically, I've heard that DOV outtakes "Burning Tongue" and "Eagle With the Head of a Ram" are real rockers which I'd love to hear!).

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marty 8/31/11

So here is Ballad of the Burning Tongue for your listening enjoyment:


Sorry it's an m4a and also unmastered, so careful the speakers! I may get busted for posting this so get it while it's hot.

Also, I believe Miss Spiritual Tramp on WMN also derived from the BT3 sessions, albeit with a whole lot of scuzz and whatnot splooshed on top.

gatorbutts 8/31/11

Marty, you are the man!  Thanks for that audible treat - what a rockin' tune!  I can hear the transition from the prog-psych tone of Destroyer to the more straight-on, James Gang-y riff-rock of American Goldwing.  me likey.

rudolph trapper 8/31/11

Hey Gatorbutts. Thanx for the trapper record site. The only thing is i paid my $8.91 for it but it wont download because it says their server isnt working. Tried it on my laptop & got the same thing. So be careful people. This sucks as i wanted badly to hear it. Oh & thanx Marty for the mp4! This song rocks & i can see it being on the new album as it has a similar sound.

gatorbutts 8/31/11

rudolph, I should have prefaced that I didn't download it there, just found it via google.  Email me and I'll see if I can help: [email protected]

Sunshine 9/1/11

Marty that track is great! Thanks for sharing.

Gatorbutts I applaud your list.

BT did a song called "Treasure" for Yo Gabba Gabba. I'm sure this will be released via some Yo Gabba Gabba compilation.

Lubenow 9/1/11

Thanks Marty! So rocking, any chance of seeing it live? It would sound great seguing into "Funk #49," just a thought...

OCDBT4ME 9/1/11

Not sure if you wanted to include these in your list, Gator, but I counted another 19 tracks from BT's Daytrotter sessions:


You can download all of them for free from the site.  Technically, you've already got all these songs listed, but these sessions offer variations on the original arrangements that are just as enchanting...

gatorbutts 9/1/11

Good stuff, OCD.  I definitely have the Daytrotter sessions, but here I was just referencing all the original "studio" tracks.  Nonetheless, I agree with your suggestions (and in same cases prefer the 'trotter versions to the studio versions!) and likewise highly reccomend them to any BT fans that haven't heard them.

Ken Venlo 9/2/11

Whow, how can i get my Fingers on that >Hundred Songs? Greets from Germany

Sunshine 9/2/11

I love the Daytrotter take of Jericho. That song is just so sweet. In fact I love all of the Blitzen trapper songs that fit into that genre of the fantastically historical yet seemingly mythical. Jericho is a great one as well as the murder ballads and songs like "The Tailor". These guys truly know how to tell a story and create a mythology all thier own.

junglelove 9/13/11

Mission moon is a low-key keyboard heavy croon - sounds like it could have been on DOTV.

junglelove 5/26/16
Time for an update  ?

Need to add "Brothers Three," 

"An outtake from the Destroyer of the Void sessions recorded by Mike Coykendall. Against a hybrid backdrop of spaghetti western strings and heavy acoustic guitars the strange tale of the titular brothers unfolds, enigmatic wanderers and miners waylaid by a fair but long-toothed sorceress." (Marty)

wakeman 5/28/16
Hey junglelove, where did you uncover Brothers Three? I am pretty confident that I've got or heard everything on the above list except for that track.
gatorbutts 6/3/16
Wakeman, looks like Brothers Three only appears on the Japanese import version of Destroyer of the Void as a bonus track.  I've never heard it before either, but a clip can be found here:
junglelove 6/10/16
"Brothers Three" was released to those crowdfunding the 33 book.

wakeman 6/15/16
my bad! had no idea it was available that way
Tbone1232 6/16/16
As a newer fanatic of the band how do I get my hands on the Eric Earley recordings?
Kevidently 7/1/16
"Brothers Three" is awesome!  And totally fits if 33 1/3 really do pick it up.

Hey, Gator - can we discuss those "missing" Furr tracks?  I'd love to hear them for research for the book!
hamsandwich 4/28/18
I know I'm late to the party but thanks gatorbutts (and everybody) for the list of rarities. Really helped me on my search. I'm going to post a new thread with an updated list, should be complete so far I think...

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