40 Watt Setlist

UrqUA13 3/5/09

40 Watt - Athens, GA - 3/4/09

(Big thanks to Marty for helping me fill in the blanks!)

Sleepytime in the Western World
Saturday Nite
God & Suicide
Fire & Fast Bullets
Stolen Shoes
Murder Babe
Big Black Bird
Canyon’s Edge
Summer Town
Country Rain
Cocaine Blues
Not Your Lover
Country Caravan
Black River Killer
Lady on the Water
Gold for Bread
Love U
Wild Mountain Nation
Devil’s a Go-Go
E: Last Think On My Mind
Miss Spiritual Tramp

Very solid show, nice mix of songs, semi-interested crowd...was hoping for a little more liveliness from the college crowd, but overall great experience.

Definitely wish there were some tapers at the show to help relive the hazy parts!



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