American Goldwing stream- not working

benno 8/31/11

Hey folks,

Preordered the LP and the website just said to bookmark the stream url to use it in future.  But now when I attempt to open it back up I get redirected to the BT home page with the message 'authorization failed' at the top.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Trapper Team
Matt 8/31/11

You have to authorize again each time you want to listen to the stream.  Just enter your order email and you should be all good. :)

benno 8/31/11

Bookmarked link just takes me to the home page though, not that page where I input my email :( 

GrangerLang 8/31/11

bookmark this instead:

Then, as Matt said, you enter your email each time you want to listen :)

benno 8/31/11


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