Bands for Blitzen Trapper Fans

spikewilbury 8/7/09

I thought people might like to suggest bands that fans of Blitzen Trapper might like. I would start off by saying the Moondoggies from Seattle.

GrangerLang 8/8/09

Great topic, Spike! Good call on The Moondoggies, they're fantastic.

Fleet Foxes--Just in case anyone hasn't given them a listen yet. A whole lot folkier, obviously, but I think there's a similar spirit to the music.

The Cave Singers--They kind of inhabit a middle ground between the Foxes and the Trappers. Really fantastic songs that draw from a lot of different kinds of Americana sounds. And cool dudes.

The Bees--From the UK, they've got kind of a 60s folk-tinged psychedelic pop sound (some places in the US you'll have to look them up under 'Band of Bees', as a US band called 'The Bees'--who've now changed to 'The Silver Seas' existed when they tried to start releasing their music over here)

The Black Keys--Dirty blues-rock that should definitely appeal to the funky southern-rock that crops up here and there in Trapperland.

The Whigs--Amazing garage rock trio from Georgia. They will rock your faces off. I dug these guys from first listen, but after I saw them last year...holy crap. They lay it all out there.

Mt St Helens Vietnam Band--If you dig the more frantic frezied off-kilter rock that BT throws down, you definitely need to give these guys a listen. Their album is electric.

Menomena--I guess we'll call it indie rock, as a catch-all. What it really thick with sounds...songs jam packed with everything including the kitchen sink, in a way that probably *should* be overwhelming, but isn't. Their songs aren't reliant on the noise, either, and stand just as well stripped down to acoustic instruments, as you can see (hear?) here:

Timber Timbre--Dark, stark, backwoods folk. Fans of 'Black River Killer' would do well to check out the album "Medicinals"

Dr Dog--Quite like the band Spike above mentioned, the Moondoogies. Very laid back 60s & 70s-reminiscent soulful poppy rock jams.

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marty 8/10/09

If you haven't heard Midlake you should go listen to Van Occupanther right now. Other groups we love include Beach House, Vetiver, the Jicks, and Alela Diane.

yomcmikec 8/10/09

Megafaun, Blind Pilot

Brubeedoobee 8/10/09

Drive-by Truckers.

MorningCoffee 8/11/09

Double A-awesome topic

A LOT of great artists listed already. Vetiver, Fleet Foxes, Dr. Dog, Bees, Black Keys, Cave Singers, Moondoggies are all artists that I've been following for quite some time now. Highly recommend them all!

Few more getting a lot of iPod playtime lately for me:
The Felice Brothers
Grizzly Bear

Trapper Team
Matt 8/11/09

Yeah, definitely enjoying this thread! Gotta say I'm especially happy to see the Bees made the cut. Those guys are pretty great and way under-appreciated in the US.

I might also throw out Deerhoof. Their albums are kind of uneven, but when they're on they are ON. They've got some of that same combo of really wonderful melodies and inventive arrangements that makes me love BT. Also, they've got a kind of hidden classic rock influence... see them live and it comes out more. There are some epic, hug-the-stranger-next-to-you riffs in there. I know a lot of the BT guys are huge Deerhoof fans. We've definitely rocked it in the van on the occasions that I've ridden along.

Oh, and DUNGEN! Definitely.

And maybe Os Mutantes? For me at least. OK, digressing now...

spikewilbury 8/11/09

Speaking of Deerhoof, I would add Deer Tick to the list. I really like the new album.

steve mock 8/13/09

Alright. Great topic. Good nuggets to pursue for sure.

I'm gonna' throw one down from the wayback machine: Game Theory. (The band, not the record.)

When I first got hip to BT, very evocative of GT they were to me. Super fine melodies and arrangements. Great rhythms and instrumental work. Similar vocal timbre and stylings. Beautiful. These guys came out of the "Paisley Underground" scene of 80's LA and eventually hooked up with Mitch Easter and the Athens, GA jangle-pop gang.

If you can find it (long out of print), the '87 double LP "Lolita Nation" is a masterpiece. (I swear I hear traces of Lolita on Wild Mountain Nation.) Also, "Tinkers to Evers to Chance" is a great compilation.

ALady 8/13/09

Good call on the Moondoggies. I wish they would tour outside the Pacific Northwest sometime!

Midlake just sent out a message to their mailing list saying their new record is being mixed now. Great news.

I think The Acorn might appeal to BT fans.

GrangerLang 8/14/09

I'm pretty amped other people have heard of The Bees, let alone dig 'em!

A couple more that popped into my head:
Black Whales
Guggenheim Grotto

spikewilbury 8/14/09

The Maldives from Seattle

MorningCoffee 8/17/09

I saw The Acorn play with Calexico in Tarrytown, NY...went because the gf at the time was big on Calexico, but I came away with a new fondness for The Acorn...good call ALady :)

Beth 8/18/09

I have fallen in love with The Moondoggies!! Thanks for all the suggestions...still checking some of them out. Some I may need to give a few listens before I can make the final call. My music taste is all over the place but some of my all time faves are: Dave Matthews Band, Cowboy Junkies, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Blue Rodeo, Neil Young...I could go on and on. I know those bands might be pretty mainstream but to me it is good stuff.

nooneastern 8/18/09

maybe Apollo Sunshine ?

ALady 8/18/09

Alberta Cross, maybe.

spikewilbury 8/19/09

Since everybody seems to be digging the Moondoggies, I thought I'd post this video. This is Kevin Murphy from the Moondoggies performing "Undertaker" acoustic at the Capitol Hill Block Party in Seattle.

lover 8/24/09
Fan of 8/24/09

- enya...okay, just kidding. om down...

-George Harrison-All Things Must Pass album
-Alison Brown Quartet see: 9.11. & 9.13 in Bend, OR
-Grant Lee Buffalo--Mighty Joe Moon album -- just listen, this is SO fuckin' good
-Grant Lee Phillips--Virginia Creeper album -- ditto
-William Elliot Whitmore

-American Analog Project
-Thee More Shallows
-Viva Voce (maybe doesn't count--another PDX band, 2 piece, groove albums, rockin' live)

-Mike Gordon-Green Sparrow album is my fave, also 2 with the god, Leo Kottke
-Stuart Davis
-Grateful Dead-studio: American Beauty & Workingman's Dead, live: vault releases early 70s and late 80s - early 90s
-Peter Gabriel-Big Blue Ball-good world beat & Up is good

-Axiom of Choice-Unfolding & Niya Yesh albums-middle eastern--check out the polyrhythmic drums & soaring female vocals on these uplifting wolrd tracks
-Buddy Guy & Junior Wells (early 70s live tracks especially), Elmore James, Jimmy Reed, Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, R. Johnson, Fenton Robinson--great rockin'/chill blues
-James Brown-cold sweat/get on the good foot era shit
-Eddie Vedder-Into the Wild soundtrack w/ Kaki King

-Ravi Shankar--anything live, nearly all studio stuff, Chants of India is so nice--classical Indian of course
-Brian Eno's ambient stuff like track "An Ending (Ascent)" good place to start
-Marconi Union-ambient that builds to a more dub sound--Under wires and searchlights album
-Nick Drake--probably a 'duh'
-Yo La Tengo- same

-DJ Cheb I Sabbah
-(the) Faces--Rod Stewart era, w/ Ronnie Wood & Ronnie Lane shit
-Kardes Turkuler-world, turkish
-Townes Van Zandt
- Bonnie "Prince" Billy-The Letting Go
-BILL HICKS-greatest standup comic ever, Seinfeld, Leno, Shandling, & many others got rich off watered down versions of his material made palatable for the masses.
albums: Rant in E Minor, Arizona Bay, Dangerous, Relentless, Salvation, etc.
Also any live DVD album, phenomenal talent, insightful social and human commentary, a must hear.

Beth 8/26/09

Give "Hoots & Hellmouth" from Philly a listen.

albie 8/27/09

I'm in a band called Magnetic Flowers. We're from South Carolina. We get lots of comparisons from others to Bright Eyes, Arcade Fire, Okkervil River, and Wilco. However, I like to thing we'd fit in with The Band, BT, and Dr. Dog. Listen and see! We've got a new record out; should be available soon on itunes, emusic, the usual...

- Albie.

yetifriend 9/1/09

haha I was reading this and wondering when Okkervil River would appear in this list. I'd also suggest Phil Ochs...he's not around anymore, but he has some folky stuff, a lot of acoustic. lyrically and politically not for everyone I guess, but he's good. I'd also put Elliot Smith up there...some of BT's soft, acoustic songs are in the same mix as his stuff.

Other bands I'd compare to BT

- Angus & Julia Stone
- JF Robitaille (again quiet acoustic stuff)
- believe it or not, Foo Fighters do some quiet stuff too; they have a great acoustic album called In Your Honor (Disc 2)
- Normanoak
- (not that similar) but I totally recommend The Bats
- Good Old War
- Wreckless Eric
- Voxtrot

I can't wait to check out all the bands people are suggesting!

Sloshed 9/2/09
nooneastern 9/3/09

a couple other artists:
The Mother Hips (new album soon!)
Bill Fox
The Court & Spark (and the singer's new band Hiss Golden Messenger)
Mike Coykendall (his solo album and his band Old Joe Clarks...i think he also actually worked on Furr)

nooneastern 9/3/09

a few more interesting artists:
Golden Boots
Beachwood Sparks
Fruit Bats
The Slip
Giant Sand
Tyler Ramsey
Karl Blau

Fan of 10/10/09

toby keith -- nah, I kid, i kid.

-Shuggie Otis
-Explosions in the Sky
-Sam Bush (new grass)
-Bela fleck (ditto)

Lubenow 10/14/09

Wow, a second two page topic on the Trapper board. Sweet! Just saw DeVotchKa open for the Pogues last night. Truly divine. And women who play the tuba are HOT!

pcgil 10/15/09

'The Avett Brothers' of course (look for them in concert, just released a Rick Ruben production, I and Love and You)
'Mumford & Sons' (UK band, just released their first full length LP, Sigh No More)

gatorbutts 10/29/09

Check out "The Slackwater News" for a very similar blend of styles to BT.

GrangerLang 10/29/09

Basia Bulat, funky indie folk songstress -

The Joy Formidable, great 90sesque alternative -

Band of Skulls, good ol' rock -

furryfan 11/6/09

Loch Lomond! Did anyone see them open for BT on the summer tour? So good.

They are headed out on tour tomorrow in support of their new EP that comes out Tuesday titled Night Bats.

Dates below.

Go check them out

Nov 7 Sorrento Hotel Seattle, Wa
Nov 9 Pendleton Center for the Arts Pendleton, Or
Nov 10 The Woods Portland, Or
Nov 11 EMU Univ. of Oregon Eugene, Or
Nov 12 Hotel Utah San Francisco, Ca
Nov 13 Luigi's Fun Garden Sacramento, Ca
Nov 14 Historic Brookdale Lodge Santa Cruz, Ca
Nov 15 Muddy Waters Santa Barbara, Ca
Nov 16 The Loft UCSD La Jolla, Ca
Nov 17 Bootleg Theater Los Angeles, Ca

Nathan Berrong 11/9/09

Big ups and respect for Midlake and Mumford and Sons.

indytriple 11/14/09

I really think that Trapper fans would like the new release from Jay Farrar (Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo) and Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie, Postal Service) called "One Fast Move or I'm Gone". It was made for a Jack Kerouac documentary of the same name (the documentary is quite good as well and can be bought "bundled" with the album on iTunes). The lyrics are courtesy of Kerouac, and they are from his gut-wrenching but beautiful novel "Big Sur".

Fan of 11/21/09

- Constance Demby ...hammered dulcimer, various instruments weave this incredible, powerful music

- Eddie Vedder & Kaki King collab on the "Into the Wild" soundtrack. Really simple, direct, real tunes. not a lot of layers, acoustic guitar, drums, bass, or sometimes, just acoustic and eddie, really emotive, heartfelt stuff. I was impressed (and it flows with the movie wonderfully)

The album is talking about things your average person's typical learning thresholds in their lives: personal loss, relationships, adversity, disappointment, necessity to set a new course in one's life, etc. Which is a great story to share those things with, based on a true story, sean penn really nailed this movie imo. Whats really interesting to me, at this point in my life, is how the album speaks also to the enormous waves of planetary change we are seeing daily beginning to roll in: declining energy and natural resources (peak oil, peak natural gas & species extinction), rapid environmental destruction, climate change & catastrophic weather, loss of arable land and fresh water, growing economic hardship (recent global econ. contraction) and political instability, pandemic disease (h1n1 ukraine outbreak), and growing worldwide conflict by a growing population facing a planet in resource decline. Vedder in one song, called Society, riffs "society/you're a crazy breed/hope you're not lonely/without me", also riffs on over consumption leading to people to buy bigger houses/storage units to hold all their un-used accumulating stuff, etc.

Speaking of stuff to check out...WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING ? Man. It is one of THE crucial questions to be asking with honesty and sincerity right just be with the question over time and see what response comes up. Its really impacted me since I started looking around, educating myself on the world's condition recently. Wow, things are clearly changing rapidly, and not for the better, can you feel it? (It helps to look also at alternative news sites, foreign press for a real clear sense, tendency of the MSM is to be 90% hopelessly lost in hypnotizing TV's crap like paris hilton.) There's a new book I've started to read that I'm really excited about, and thanks to the unbelievable step by step prep. in the back of the book: its really been a major crossroads in my life, a huge fork in the road and a 180-degree change in my relationship with everything in my life. I highly recommend all young people in particular reading this incredible book, talk about real perspective based on real changes and individual empowerment as a result of changing circumstances! Wow. What a read! I am telling everybody about this book and have given several away, including to a kid at work. Its called the The Great Waves of Change: Navigating the Difficult Times Ahead. As the book says, in the Great Waves of change now converging in the world, everyone's life will be affected: how will you really know what to do? (in the face of the great changes I listed above). check out the nonprofit publisher of the book's website: for 4 free chapters of a new book by award-winning author Marshall Summers, who's also a good speaker and visionary writer. It is truthfully one of the most important sets of chapters (the free one's even) and also one of the best books on any subject you'll ever read.

yetifriend 11/24/09

bill fox is great! i highly recommend him, especially to those of you who especially like blitzen trapper's acoustic stuff

spikewilbury 12/4/09

I recommend this song by Silver Jews because it's catchy as hell.

GrangerLang 12/5/09

Matt Berry, king of tongue in cheek Neil Diamond tunes Neil Diamond would totally jam to:

Bruce Peninsula, music for driving through the mountains, all warped folk and appalachian gospel choirs and dirty blues growls:

Band Member
michael.james 12/8/09

Some stuff we listen to in the van on tour (that you may not have guessed):

Pentagram, the Daktaris, Of Montreal, Augustus Pablo, Caetano Veloso, Dead Moon, Joanna Newsom, Earth, Althea & Donna, Roy Orbison, Queen, Merle Haggard, Edan, Panda Bear, Neutral Milk Hotel, Mastodon, EPMD, Sam Cooke, Dusty Springfield, Ethiopiques - and lots lots more.

One of my long time favorite websites for music is:

Super-cool, download-able bootlegs from all over Africa.

Share the music people!


nooneastern 12/10/09

i just thought of another band that's been around for a while .... and thankfully has returned too ..... the Florida band Home. they are pretty great.

spikewilbury 12/10/09

You guys should definitely do a Mastodon cover on your next tour.

thewalrusman42 12/14/09
NoahA 12/16/09

Neko Case
Caitlin Rose
Nash Street (Local Bluegrass)
Dr. Dog
Avett Brothers

Thanks for all the suggestions, my iTunes just keeps getting bigger!

alex 2/20/10

marty is right, midlake is great. i love jenny lewis with passion too.

Fan of 2/24/10

Neko Case is superb. ...and sultry sounding, i concur.

Great American Taxi - great bluegrass/newgrass

PT Walkley.
Bishop Allen.
Ben Lee-song for the divine mother.

for supreme quiet may dig Yungchen Lhamo...strings, stark, bare.
more electronic, a pioneer or two: along the same lines, Brian Eno's melodic or ambient stuff or Steven Halpern. there's also Dan Gibson, the pure nature sounds stuff, or Rocky Mtn Retreat is also coo w/ some guitar and fiddle.

hopey8574 3/5/10

Check out 'Monsters of Folk' and there self titled debut album, awesome! Its a supergroup made from members of Bright Eyes, My Morning Jacket and Mr M Ward. M Wards solo stuff as well is worth checking out, awesome.

Oh and my band 'Old Yellow', check us out and become a fan:

Why not hey.

hopey8574 3/5/10

Sorry, forgot to post a beautiful version of our song "Wither Away", done live in rehearsal last week. Check Old Yellow out!:

Bozter 3/22/10
AmshMisfit 6/21/10

hey thanks gatorbutts - that's my band! if anyone else is interested:

we're also very active on facebook. now how do we get on tour with Blitzen Trapper!?

starry 6/23/10

I'll suggest ones on the psych rock side of BT, since many went the "roots" side:


-The Amazing (offshoot of Dungen - real laurel canyon style psych folk/rock - gorgeous)

-Besnard Lakes

-Apollo Sunshine (these guys are way under rated)

-Tame Impala (just hearing these guys - fun)

-Super Furry Animals (ok, tiny bit of stretch, but they are the most incredible band ever, and BT does do some of the lush, melodic, Beach Boys style harmonies that SFA perfected way back when)

-Also, did anyone mention Pavement/S Malkmus? definite parallels.

Kelsey von Wormer 6/27/10

captain love sounds pretty similar. 

gatorbutts 6/27/10

Kesley, are you referring to the 2008 album by Mock Orange?

KamandiCurt 6/29/10

Glad somebody(s) already mentioned Okkervil River, Joanna Newsom, and Neutral Milk Hotel. Brilliant artists, one and all. 

I'd also recommend Shearwater (sharing some members with Okkervil River), Dawes, The Tallest Man on Earth, Woods, Bonny "Prince" Billy, Vetiver, The War on Drugs, Andrew Bird, and Sun Kil Moon/Red House Painters/Mark Kozelek to anyone that digs Blitzen Trapper.

Goddamn, Destroyer of the Void is good. Well done, sirs.

hobbnet 6/29/10

Just came across this board but thought I'd chip in some bands that I find to be similar and enjoy.  For the most part I just tried to find links to one of my favorite tracks for each band.  Hope some of you like these!  :)

Tapes N Tapes

The Village Green

Delta Spirit'mon/all/1

Wild Beasts
Field Music 

I imagine most everyone knows of these guys already ;) 

KareBear 7/9/10

Alot of great bands mentioned already.  I've been listening to the Great Lake Swimmers out of Canada lately.  They are great live and Tony Dekker is amazing. 

KamandiCurt 7/9/10

Sorry, shameless self-promotion: Tony Dekker was gracious enough to take part in an exclusive video performance for my music site. So, check out his cover of "The Storms Are On The Ocean," if you feel so inclined:

gatorbutts 7/10/10

You must check out Blake Mills' (former of Simon Dawes, now Dawes) new solo record "Break Mirrors".  So good.  "Hey Lover" is such a great single.

GrangerLang 7/10/10

Agreed, Blake's a good'un.  Have you heard Dawes' cover of 'Hey Lover'?? It's kind of amazing.

jmaas1 7/12/10

@ Fan of GreatWavesOfChange, thanks for putting Grant Lee Buffalo on the list.  Mighty Joe Moon is definitely in the all-time top 5 albums of the nineties.  Copperopolis and Fuzzy are 2 more from that same list!  If you like BT, you will like Grant Lee Buffalo. 

sable 7/14/10

Check out Parlor Hawk

They are just so extremely good, and fairly new so they are going to be amazing! And they are going on tour this summer and I am so excited to see them.

Joshua James

Desert Noise

Avi Buffalo, Villagers, Fanfarlo, Local Natives, Broken Bells, Felice Brothers, A.A. Bondy, Johnny Flynn, Corey Chisel (& the Wandering Sons), Cass McCombs (listen to Dream Girl), Chad VanGaalen (listen to Willow Tree (and check out his crazy videos!))

Beth 7/14/10

I don't think this band has been mentioned yet "Plants and Animals".  This Canadian band's "Parc Ave" album is stellar.  I think this is the band I was reading about and they referred to them as the Canadian Blitzen Trapper....I was like "No way, no wonder why I like them"

AmshMisfit 7/15/10

here is my bands first ep 'all you creatures' if anyone is interested:

and sorry to plug my own shit, i'll stop (for awhile). i'm guessing everyone loves MMJ and Dr Dog already, i also love Man Man.

The Sketties are a GREAT band just starting to make waves on the east coast:

If anyone is interested in more sketties, shoot me an email.

jmaas1 7/17/10

Didn't read through all the posts, did anyone mention The Radio Department?  If not, The Radio Department.

Dunwoody 7/19/10

I've think The Slip (or Surprise Me Mr. Davis) would be a great band to see with BT.  I don't know why; the two bands sound nothing alike.  I still think it would be a spectacular show though.

Someone posted Andrew Bird above.  Great call.  He's one of the best musicians out there right now, imo.  Noble Beast took some time to grow on me, but I now love it as much as the others.  I wish he do a real US tour soon.

Benchmark 7/22/10

Alot of great bands posted here. Did anyone mention Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zero's?

sdubs 7/24/10

this is an awesome thread, going to print it out and check out all the bands i haven't heard of yet...  can't wait to see BT in minneapolis this week!

AmshMisfit 7/25/10

i've been OBSESSED with The Band lately

nooneastern 7/25/10

i've been saying for years that The Band are the only band i am willing to get in a fist fight for

nooneastern 8/2/10

hey Dunwoody - i mentioned The Slip earlier in the thread

i agree with you

i think it's their willingness to try different things

people who like The Slip should check out the new album from The Barr Brothers (Andrew and Brad from The Slip) it's even more Trapper-ish than The Slip stuff.

Dunwoody 8/4/10

Good call, nooneastern. Have you heard the new Brad solo acoustic album (The Fall Apartment)? I think it's spectacular. That guy is amazing.

nooneastern 8/4/10

yeah Brad's solo album is terrific too ... i love solo acoustic guitar stuff

this new Barr Brothers album is really great and i think would totally appeal to fans of Blitzen Trapper ...

sounds a little like the folkier/earhier bits from Destroyer without the Queen-styled backing vocals.

it always amazes me The Slip aren't more listened to. i think somehow they got themselves trapped being described as a jam band. not sure how that happened. like BT they have really tight musicianship and really classic songcraft. seeing the two bands live together would be pretty nice !

AmshMisfit 8/5/10

i think the slip used to frequent the jamband scene. that coupled with their jazz background got them lumped in there.

jamband is the most limiting 'genre' ever. none of those bands sound the same, but improvise on stage, so they are 'jambands'.

gatorbutts 8/9/10

For those that dig the more Greatful Dead side of BT's sound, check out the Donkeys:

Try "Excelsior Lady" or "Walk Through A Cloud".

AmshMisfit 8/9/10

will check the donkeys, thanks! i've been revisiting a lot of dead lately (i'm a deadhead through and through but take periods away) and have noticed a lot of similarities in BT.

hobowilson 8/12/10

Glad people mentioned Midlake, try their album Milkmaid Grand Army. 


The Minders


Super Furry Animals

Of Montreal

Frank Zappa

Ariel Pink

nooneastern 8/12/10


The Minders

some of BT's more "poppy" songs are dead ringers for them

gatorbutts 8/12/10

Check out the new record "So I Ate Myself, Bite by Bite" by Dreamend (the more sparce and dark, banjo-folk side project of Ryan Graveface from psyche-electro-folk outfit Black Moth Super Rainbow).  It basically takes the theme from "Black River Killer" and spreads it out over an entire album.  A venture inside the mind of a serial killer, with a pretty killer (no pun intended) soundtrack.

Joel Mills 8/20/10

Check out Tokyo Police Club.

I've enjoyed all of their albums, their new work is exceptional.

rickkane 8/25/10

I'd recommend old Jethro Tull to anyone, but especially to BT fans.

For Destroyer fans, I'd try Thick as a Brick.

For Furr fans, I'd go with Songs from the Wood

Tim O'Brien also needs a mention for anyone who likes singer-songwriters.

AmshMisfit 8/26/10
gogogadgettunes 8/26/10

I havent read every single post but I'm really digging The Morning Benders... may appeal to some of you who have a liking for new bands that sound like old bands : ) 

godeak 8/26/10

tx for great tips - lots of new bands to check out.

a few more, keeping to those i think BK fans would really dig:


american music club (esp. "love songs for patriots")

broken social scene: no one mentioned? too obvious? "you forgot it in people" has some of the wide-ranging songwriting of a BK album. i prefer BK but hey, check it out if you somehow missed this one.

dirty three: instrumental & ambient but somehow relevant to bk's slower stuff (e.g., echo/always on). try "cinder"

god street wine ("red" is good)

local natives ("gorilla manor": more world-y, but similar eclecticism. fantastico album.)

the national (no one mentioned them before? really?? "alligator" is one of the best albums of the decade. a must have, along w/ "boxer")

nick cave & bad seeds: almost didn't mention because much more steeped in romanticism, but "lyre of orpheus/abattoir blues" is great in a way that's analagous to BK: gritty and innovative, but still rocking-- great songwriting *and* playing. "dig, lazarus, dig" has more of the playful spirit--if you can call it that--of bk.

the raconteurs: not my favs, but actually their first cd is good & fun & and has some BK-reminiscent sounds.

justin beiber (lol, jk! just checking if anyone's actually reading this...but seriously, at this point does anyone else just feel bad for the kid? i mean to be 14 or whatever and a cultural joke already?)

sigur ros: much more trancey -- not rockin' like BK, but a soulfuleclectic mash-up and SO good. "Með Suð Í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust" is my fav. how can a CD w/ a song called "gobbledygook" be bad?

if you like the folksier stuff you might like steve earle's "transcendental blues." kinda one-note IMO but a few great soulful songs on there.

yeasayer: "all hour cymbals" is a blast; more world-y/trance-y/polyrhythmic than BK but also very creative, layered, diverse, cutting-edge. their 2nd album is more dance-pop-y but still has some good material. truly talented guys.


re: other suggestions...

m. ward: "transfiguration of vincent" is the one i keep coming back to and i *think* BK fans would connect to most easily. just my intuition.

eno: ambient albums are fine, but BK fans would REALLY groove on "here come the warm jets" and "another green world."

Jamieson 8/29/10

To add to this evergrowing list ( great thread btw ) I recommend:

there is also a great moody compilation that has many artists that have been mentioned 

reenfoo 9/7/10

new bands are mostly trying to copy old ones. what do u guys think?

nooneastern 9/8/10


at least not any more than old bands tried to copy older bands

nooneastern 10/1/10

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives

AmshMisfit 12/30/10

yea i don't think they're copying old bands, they are just influenced by 'old' stuff (isn't everyone? literally.). blizten trapper is by far one of the most 'modern' bands out there imo. production quality wise they use vintage equipment i'm sure, but it's the most warming sound ever. BT is wildly original and I love them for it.

new bands/music:

also, the new Sketties is out. The are from Lancaster, PA, consistently touring the east coast. Highly recommended!

Wigwam Mansion EP (2010)

1. Ventch

2. Clapper Claw

3. Who Knows?

4. Whirly Birds

5. Leisurely Ride


or stream it:

blitzface 1/3/11

Yo, has anyone listed Blitzen Trapper.  Booyah!  I've been blitzed for quite a while now and will always be blitzed.  The last tour with the Fruit Bats was crazy good.  Can't wait to get my screenprint framed!

For something a bit different,  


Misfits / Danzig


Brad Paisley (the album 'PLAY' - WOW, he was a guitar prodigy and... just listen. Mostly Instrumental)

Cold War Kids


Raphael Saadiq

Ryan Adams & the Cardinals

Paul Simon (has a new album coming - Says it is the best music he has written in 20 yrs)

Lyle Lovett

LCD Soundsystem


Coconut Records

Al Dimeola 


... something different for the music lovers.

GrangerLang 1/3/11

A few recent-ish discoveries some folks here might dig, if they haven't heard 'em already:


Pablo Trucker:

Drew Grow & the Pastors' Wives:

Trey 1/8/11

Wow! What a fab resource this has become!

I might be repeating some above, but:


Elliot smith

Elvis Costello - esp Blood and Chocolate, King of America, This Year's Model, Armed Forces

Joni Mitchell


First Aid Kit

Kate Bush

JJ Cale

Bowie - the 70s stuff

Steely Dan maybe?

Springsteen - Nebraska

Dan Bern


Velvet Underground

The Fratellis

Serge Gainsbourg maybe?

Trey Roque

okko 1/8/11

a few years ago i heard Girls in Hawaii for the first time in a recordshop in Luxemburg. I directly bought their CD..  

sadly their drummer Denis Wielemans (28) died in a car accident in may 2010

Hope you like it!


GrangerLang 2/17/11

Some folks here might appreciate a few of the fine bands up in Vancouver right now:

41st and Home (indie-folk):

Fish & Bird (americana):

Yukon Blonde (part indie, part roots-rock--I'm actually surprised to see they haven't been named already)

And of course, back below the border here in Seattle:

Pickwick (garage rock/soul):

The Young Evils (country-flavored indie):

Widower (americana/ this dude, Kevin Large, a couple months ago, and..whoa. Kinda reminds me of Whiskeytown, in the best way possible):

nooneastern 3/14/11

check out Yellowbirds (

the new solo project from one of the guys from Apollo Sunshine

shingles 3/15/11

I'd say Dinosaur Jr and Black Mountain as well. I made a Pandora station a while ago based pretty much on the sounds of Blitzen Trapper and Dr Dog:

nooneastern 4/20/11
D. Charles Speer & The Helix... ...for those who enjoy the country side of things
nooneastern 5/8/11

has anybody ever said that sometimes Eric sounds like Sal Valentino from The Beau Brummels ?

i would love to hear them cover something from them

their song "The Wolf of Velvet Fortune" wouldn't have sounded out of place on Destroyer of the Void.

people mostly seem to be naming more current bands, but i would suggest anyone go out and listen to the albums Triangle and Bradley's Barn from The Beau Brummels.

GrangerLang 6/9/11

The Devil Whale--indie-folk drenched in retro garage pop & roots rock:

Ravenna Woods--I'm actually disappointed in myself for not having listed them earlier, and as for how to describe them....kind of dark alt-folk?:

Zeus--definitely fall into the style of indie heavily influenced by classic rock. Great stuff, and 'The River By the Garden' is delightfully ghastly:

And, I've never said this one, as I've stuck to more recent bands people may not have heard, BUT if you're fan of the Trappers rockier jams and haven't listened to T.Rex...let me help you fix that with a couple tunes: Country Honey -  Calling All Destroyers -  

Sunshine 6/17/11

So glad this topic is still active! I check back from time to time when I want to search for a hidden gem!

Sunshine 6/17/11

Also, I don't know if anyone has mentioned,


Wolf People

They are great,


Marty, you seem to dig the british folk-rocky sound (emphasis on the rock) You be into these guys.

gr8curves 6/27/11

My Morning Jacket

Judea Eden

Binbago 7/3/11

Hey folks, I can't believe no one has mentioned the ultimate UK cult band Cardiacs!  Blitzen's more out there moments definitely remind me of them.  Cardiacs are a huge influence on many of the Uk's great bands of the last 20 years (Blur, Supergrass, Super Furry Animals, Radiohead, Muse etc) but are largely unknown in the States.

Here is a link to start you off gently with a super song called Manhoo

and then this little mid 80's nugget for when you want to go further.....

and then in the cruellest twist of irony, Tim Smith, the groups leader, had a cardiac arrest a couple of years ago.  My final clip is one of their most recent and quite possibly final things as Tim is severely ill now.


Cardiacs take quite a few listens to "get" but stick with them and you'll be rewarded with one of the UK's genuine special bands of recent times.

Right, back to Destroyer of the Void which is my first Blitzen album and I am enjoying immensely!



mfranz 3/1/12

Hey Albie - I love your name. Magnetic Flowers sounds really catchy and hypnotic. But unfortunately I can't open your myspace link because I always get redirected back to google. :( is there a way you could give me another link to being able listening to your music? are you from England? Because i know a band called Magnetic Flowers in Birmingham. Do they have any connection to you?

nooneastern 3/1/12

everybody check out Bad Weather California


a_soular 3/5/12

Wildbunch from long beach, CA. Different kinds of music coming out of this band...from a neil young and crazy horse to replacements to some good ol' waylon jennings, they don't have many recordings but there are some at Check it out!!!!!! They are a cool band



jodo 3/7/12
....From the top of my head
  • The constilations
  • The Black keys
  • Langhorn Slim
  • Josh Ritter
  • Leslie
  • The Raconteurs
  • The David Mayfield Parade
  • Back Yard Tire Fire
  • Amelia's Mechanics


moogabba 3/25/12

Some of my faves:

  • Dawes
  • Little Joy
  • Akron/Family
  • Fruit Bats
  • The Books
  • The National
  • Cat Power
  • The Avett Brothers
  • Ryan Adams
  • Kings of Convenience
  • Frightened Rabbit
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Joe Pug
  • Andrew Bird
  • Jolie Holland
  • Sera Cahoone
  • The Lonely Forest
  • Deerhoof
  • Sufjan Stevens
  • High Places
  • Wilco
  • Radiohead
  • The Be Good Tanyas
  • TV on the Radio
  • The Eels
  • Low
  • School of Seven Bells
  • Starfucker
  • Keren Ann
  • The Mountain Goats
  • The Gaslight Anthem
  • Old '97s
  • Constantines
  • Alberta Cross
  • Blind Pilot
  • Pelican
  • The Black Angels
  • Packway Handle Band
  • Cory Chisel
  • Tyler Ramsey
  • Tunng
  • Rogue Wave
  • Band of Horses
  • Tokyo Police Club
  • Uncle Tupelo
  • Nyles Lannon
  • Joseph Arthur
  • Ra Ra Riot
  • The Thermals
  • Cocorosie
  • Rocky Votolato
  • William Elliot Whitmore
  • Leadbelly
  • Howlin' Wolf
  • Blind Lemon Jefferson
  • Greg Brown
nooneastern 3/26/12

@moogabba - you should definitely check out Bad Weather California if you like Akron/Family ... one of the Akron guys produced the newest BWC album !

moogabba 3/27/12

@nooneastern - i did hear about BWC from the AkFam email newsletter some time ago...will check them out, as well as your other suggestions, thanks :)

moogabba 3/29/12

Actually for the past year & 1/2 I've been obsessed with both Tom Waits and Beethoven. I realize the latter seems random, and maybe a little (I hope not!) pretentious...but Ludvig van was the original rebel...the rock star of his day, ahead of his time, etc. Changed music forever, he did.

If anyone cares to, check out Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 32 In C Minor, Op. 111, 2nd Movement Arietta: Adagio molto semplice cantabile at minute 6:30 thru 8:35...I tell you it's like early saloon ragtime, like a foot-tappin' boogie-woogie! And written in 1820! Like I said, ahead of his time.

And Tom his voice, his use of driving, stomping rhythm and found sounds, his ballads, his war songs. All very very powerful stuff. Fav albums are Swordfishtrombones, Orphans (Bawlers mostly), Mule Variations, Bad As Me, Frank's Wild Years, Closing Time, Real Gone...sheesh, all of them!

Also, fellow bluegrass fans...Earl Scruggs died yesterday :(

R.I.P. Mr. Scruggs ♥

Bergschrund 4/21/12

Luke Doucet is well worth checking out; he's currently working in an outfit with his wife, Melissa McClelland, called Whitehorse.

Also a great new artist is Young Hines. His new album is the first release on Brendan Benson's new label, Readymade Records.  Very diverse dude.

One of my friends and former bandmates is doing pretty well in P-town, also - Sean Flinn and the Royal We.  I would hesitate to directly compare him to BT, but I've seen Jolie Holland's name pop up on a few of these lists. Sean was in her touring band a few years back and she supposedly adds some background vocals on his album, Write Me a Novel.  Very nice stuff if you are a sucker for sweet melodies and hooks.

Band Member
marty 4/22/12

Digging the Beethoven, thanks moogabba! Also wanted to say we know Sean Flinn from around town, very talented dude, he played with Y La Bamba for a while, too.

In Australia recently Brian, Eric and me did a battery of interviews where we got asked some questions about artists/albums we thought were indispensable, no surprises but thought you might be interested.

Q: If you could recommend just one artist to people before you died, who would it be?

Eric: Black Sabbath

Me: Wendy Carlos

Brian: Townes Van Zandt

Q: If you could only have one record after you died/on a desert island, which would it be?

Brian: The White Album

Eric: Tonight's The Night

My favorite thing to listen to so far this year has been Isao Tomita's Snowflakes Are Dancing, 1974 Moog'n'mellotron arrangements of Debussy.

Band Member
michael.james 4/22/12

I'm still diggin' Unknown Mortal Orchestra's self-titled debut out on Fat Possum. I think they just pressed it to vinyl as well.

Bergschrund 4/23/12

A couple more I meant to throw out with my last post but the system in my head was low on memory:

White Denim - Not really a jam band, but they have that jammy sound (but don't let that dissuade you).  Saw them open for Wilco a couple of months ago and they are a fun live show.

Dylan LeBlanc - young kid (21ish?) from Alabama playing in a pretty trad country style.  Beautiful voice.

Justin Rutledge - Canadamericana???

Oh, and Marty, you are right about Sean.  Very talented dude.  Years ago we ran around in a clique of young jazz punks down here in Eugene trying to do something new and innovative - young idealists, I guess, that were just tired of the weary-ol' established "scene" (if you could even call it that - "Jazz isn't dead, it just smells funny!").  I'm really proud of how well he's doing and that he's getting back to his Rock 'n Roll roots.  Glad that you guys know him; he's a great person.


Sjoerd Dijkstra 7/18/12

You might like 'Sunday Kids'?

jodo 9/28/12

Timber Timbre is a great band.

AmshMisfit 11/7/12

Shameful self-promo, my band The Slackwater News (mentioned earlier) have a new video and album, check it out!

"Ghosts" Music Video:

Stream Album:

Also on Spotify, iTunes, etc. Hope you like it!

steve mock 1/14/13


John Bicknell 3/17/13

Here's some psych alt-country southern fried goodness...  I recommend everyone checkout Sam Sniper, from Athens GA.

Not a bad song on their album "We're Not Coming Back This Way" (released in 2011):

There's another single on Bancamp released in2012, as well.


Bergschrund 3/21/13

@John Bicknell - Thanks for the Sam Sniper suggestion; I'm hooked.  Not sure what it is about the combination of slide guitars and analog synths, but I've become totally fascinated with it.

Not sure if they've made this list yet, but another Portland band worth checking out is Quiet Life.  Was lucky enought to catch their set just prior to BT at a brewfest last summer.  Very good songwriting and musicianship.

Also worth checking out is Ivan and Alyosha and Gary Clark, Jr (I'm sure everyone's heard of Clark by now).

rachnlt54 3/24/13  Band: hola a todo el mundo band Night Beds Lord Huron Lone Bellow  Band of Heathens

John Bicknell 3/25/13

I recommend everyone also check out David Dondero.  (see: 

His songs & forever on the road lifestyle provoke quick comparisons to TVZ.

And, BTW, for those in Portland, David is in residency at Al's Den the rest of this week.  The shows are free.  Definitely try to make it to one of them.  You won't regret it.  Here's a brief write up:  

gatorbutts 4/22/13

Check out Golden Gunn, for what has been described as "a mystifying journey through ethereal funk and oddball cosmic country......something out of a space-age honky-tonk....instills a nervy twang"

pppatticake 4/25/13

I have to add:

Matthew Houck's inimitable band Phosphorescent--the new album Muchacho is yummy beyond words, but I would also check out their set from Bonaroo 2012 to hear a cool smattering of older stuff.

AltJ's debut is fairly phenomenal

The latest Menomena called Moms makes me giddy--they thrill me goin to every vulnerable place in their vocals, instrumentation, lyrics (they had me singing " random stranger at a glory Hole" with my car windows open, till I realized I was stopped next to an Hassid--ooops)

Father John Misty's Fear Fun has lasted more than a year in my cd changer

Dinosaur Jr's latest is high school metal solo tastic

So enjoyed catchin Steve Martin and Edie Brickel and the Steep Canyon Ranchers at WFUV concert this week--tremendous musicality, goooooood stuff

Dawes new album is loverly, Steve Earle's latest is inspired and I am so looking forward to Junip's new one, the first to released songs are ear crack

cheers from Brooklyn;)

steve mock 8/15/13

Just want to throw TYPHOON in the mix here. Another excellent - and quite large - PDX outfit.

Quite lovely. Very layered. Begs repeat listening. Begs repeat listening.

jeronimo 8/24/13

hey, is anyone having troubles with the website when they login to make a new topic?

GrangerLang 8/24/13

Yep. Hasn't been working right for me for months.

romynash 8/25/13

Hello John

I checked David Dondero link that you posted. It was really nice and I also share that songs to my friend. She liked this very much and thanks to me with bouquet of thank you flowers  

Thanks for sharing this Mr.John

music_addict 8/26/13

 Head and The Heart

John Bicknell 2/16/14

Has something like this ever happened to any other music lovers???  A few days ago, I was in REI and a tune came on over the store's overhead sound system which compelled me to listen carefully to a few key phrases, google the lyrics, and pray for postitive identification.  Well, the interweb god smiled kindly on me that day...

The song was "Tarnished Gold" by Beachwood Sparks (

These guys took a long break between albums, but they may be putting together some 2014 road dates soon.  There's not a bad song on their Once We Were Trees (2001) and Tarnished Gold (2012) albums.  There's another album from 2013 which I've not investigated yet.

Here's another teaser song: "By Your Side" (


rudolph trapper 3/7/14

Hey John, try an awesome app called sounhound. Just hit a button, it listens to the song & it identifies it & stores it in ur history.

gatorbutts 10/9/15

I figured I would dust off a 6 year old thread and give props to a band that fans of Blitzen Trapper should dig.  Many of you have heard of The Sheepdogs from Canada.  Great little boogie-rock band with a genuine throwback feel.  Check out their new release "Future Nostalgia" which can be streamed in its entirety here:

The video for their latest single "Downtown" is both hilarious and awesome.  And those guitars...

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