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LittleMissNoNo 7/14/09

So first off I'd like to say that last night was the best show I've seen this year. I thought the range of instrumentation and vocals were absolutely stellar. I was super impressed with Not Your Lover Anymore- it was exactly what I had imagined (and rarely does this occur). Unfortunately the yappy women behind AND in front of me wouldn't shut their effing mouths during the show and it really brought home another point as to why San Diego's music scene is terrible (the audience that is). I look forward to the day when I can see y'all play in Oregon, Boulder, Seattle where I know the audience is there to listen with their souls to REAL and PURE, MOVING music. Hands up to you guys- I felt my soul tingle last night :).

MorningCoffee 7/14/09

Cool writeup LittleMissNoNo!

Any chance you have a setlist or know what tracks they played?

Totaaallly looking forward to some BT east coast love, last show I caught was when they opened for Iron & Wine in Feb. i think?

Trapper Team
Matt 7/14/09

Yeah, sorry it's been so long since the East Coast. The guys will definitely be back before the end of the year, promise!

LittleMissNoNo 7/14/09

I don't have a set list, but they opened with Sleepytime in the Western World, which I was kind of surprised by b/c I expected them to do some older songs first....but they played almost (if not all of) Furr. I also thought they were going to finale with Black River Killer or Furr but they played both of those mid-set. Overall it was absolutely amazing so prepare yourself.

MorningCoffee 7/15/09

Woohoo! Excellente news Matt, thanks.

And glad you had an amazing time with all the yappity yappers NoNo!


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