Best BT set?

blitzface 8/2/09

I am interested in hearing what everyone thinks about the best BT set for a live show. Given the diversity of sound this band produces, this should be an interesting thread. I am still trying to come up with mine, although a few favorites; 'Whiskey Kisser', 'Moving Minors Over County Lines', 'Jesus on the Mainline', 'Love, I Explain', and 'Silver Moon' would definitely have to be included. Does the band still play all of these? Any word on when BT's midwest/eastcoast tour will be announced. Peace

spikewilbury 8/3/09

I definitely appreciate the real rockers in a live setting. Songs like "Wild Mountain Nation", "Devil's a Go-Go", or "Fire & Fast Bullets". Eric M. can really wail. That being said, I also appreciate when Eric E. and Marty go acoustic.

blitzface 8/4/09

I definitely agree with the acoustic Eric E. and Marty. I would love to hear a Dreamers & Giants or any of the acoustic ones on Furr. I just caught my first show recently, missing 2 previous ones, and was thrilled to hear most of 'Furr'. Unfortunately or Fortunately, BT has a plethora of gems in the their catalog and it left me longing for more. Wild Mountain Nation is a great opener. Texaco and Jericho are great tunes to throw in there also. I'm still trying out tunes in different order for a show set (I'm a geek about this stuff).

Thank you BT for releasing SIlver Moon on the Black River Killer EP. By the way, my buddy who lives in Guam at this time, just sent me the Black RIver Killer EP. I thought this wasn't available until Aug. 24. I'm not complaining, but does Guam have the inside track on BT gear? The holidays came a bit early here. Preacher's Sister's Boy is a sweet tune. When was this written? Was it supposed to be part of another album? Nice work!

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