Best Of Blitzen?

Kevidently 10/24/15

One fun thing I like to do with bands that don't have a "greatest hits" or "best of" collection out yet is to try to guess what would be on there, when and if one sees the light of day. When I compile my hopeful list, I try to consider stuff like full-career overview, a balance of well-known stuff and deeper cuts, and keeping it to the length of a CD (usually 17 songs).  I'd love to see your lists, if you have them!

Here's mine, at this juncture, with at least one representative cut from each record (except for Live in Portland) and one each from a couple EPs:

There are others I would love to put in - "Astronaut," "Not Your Lover," "Rock and Roll Was Made For You," "Feel the Chill," "The Needle and the Damage Done," more. But I think this would appeal to newbies as well as hardcores. 

  1. Texaco
  2. Moving Minors Over County Lines
  3. Wild Mountain Nation
  4. Furr
  5. Black River Killer
  6. Big Black Bird
  7. Destroyer of the Void
  8. Jericho
  9. Fletcher
  10. Love the Way You Walk Away
  11. American Goldwing
  12. Thirsty Man
  13. Oregon Geography
  14. Neck Tatts, Cadillacs
  15. Heart of Gold
  16. All Across This Land
  17. Nights Were Made for Love


alexk 10/24/15

Fun question! Chronologically:

  1. Texaco
  2. Apple Trees
  3. Asleep for Days
  4. Wild Mountain Nation
  5. Futures & Folly
  6. Sleepytime in the Western World
  7. Furr
  8. Black River Killer
  9. Not Your Lover
  10. Destroyer of the Void
  11. Below The Hurricane
  12. Jericho
  13. American Goldwing
  14. Street Fighting Sun
  15. Stranger In A Strange Land
  16. Ever Loved Once
  17. All Across This Land

And if I could choose the track order (no two from the same album in a row!):

  1. Sleepytime in the Western World
  2. Jericho
  3. Ever Loved Once
  4. Below the Hurricane
  5. Asleep for Days
  6. Futures & Folly
  7. Black River Killer
  8. Apple Trees
  9. Destroyer Of The Void
  10. Wild Mountain Nation
  11. Street Fighting Sun
  12. Not Your Lover
  13. Stranger In A Strange Land
  14. Furr
  15. All Across This Land
  16. American Goldwing
  17. Texaco

Kevidently 10/25/15

Nice!  Your non-chron one has a lot of really great flow to it, and ending with Texaco is never a bad thing.  Hmmm...

junglelove 10/29/15

My stab

1. Wild Mountain Nation


3. Fletcher

4. Thirsty Man

5. Below the Hurricane

6. Black River Killer

7. Furr

8. Ever Loved Once

9. All Across this Land

10. Fire and Fast Bullets

11. DOTV

12. Cadillac Road

13. BBB

14. Don't be a stranger

15. Sadie


17. Texaco (Daytrotter Version)

18. Jericho (live) * hidden track as I couldn't cut further to 17 :D

Spotify link for 1-16

rudolph trapper 10/29/15

no country caravan? sumatta witchuze?

junglelove 10/30/15

No Country Caravan - I also wouldn't have Furr in there if it wasn't for record company pressure.

rudolph trapper 10/30/15

no god & suicide? geesh. ur killin me here.

junglelove 11/2/15

Time for your 17 song line up Rudolph - less jaw jaw more war war :D

rudolph trapper 11/3/15

speaking of war. no war on machines? dammit. lol i will post one when i have the time.

OCDBT4ME 11/4/15

I'm going to use the phrase "less jaw jaw more war war" during a meeting at work tomorrow. 

junglelove 11/10/15

OCDBT4ME5 days ago

I'm going to use the phrase "less jaw jaw more war war" during a meeting at work tomorrow.    

With apologies to Sir Winston Churchill :D

Kevidently 11/25/15

I use it daily now! More lists!  

Junglelove - love the list.  Great spread.  Yeah, the Daytrotter version of "Texaco" is pretty amazing.  The more I'm delving into the new album, the more I think I can't leave off "Rock and Roll Was Made for You."  And I'm a little stunned that "Love the Way" isn't on everyone's list!

Comet 11/28/15

Great topic, I love a compliation.  I think the art of a good 'Best Of' is too often looked down on!

For what it's worth, here's mine:

1) Texaco

2) Ansel & Emily DeSader

3) Dreamers & Giants

4) Wild Mountain Nation

5) Miss Spiritual Tramp

6) Black River Killer

7) Furr

8) God & Suicide

9) Big Black Bird

10) Evening Star

11) The Man Who Would Speak True

12) Love The Way You Walk Away

13) Taking It Easy Too Long

14) Shine On

15) Don't Be A Stranger

16) Cadillac Road

17) Stranger in a Strange Land

I'd probably sneak the Daytrotter version of 'The Tree' as a bonus cut.  And what about the obligatory 'best of cover version'?  I vote 'Powderfinger'!

junglelove 12/1/15

Obviously there needs to be a volume 2 without the mainstream "hits" - will put one together.

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