Blitzen on Conan O'Brien tomorrow night!

Trapper Team
Matt 11/16/08

Hey guys,

Thanks so much for all the really nice comments lately. I wanted to make sure you all know that BT will be appearing on the Conan O'Brien show on NBC tomorrow night, Monday, November 17th. They'll be performing "Furr" and the special guest is none other than Snoop Dogg. Set yr Tivos!

thanks as always,

Everton1941 11/16/08


Music Saves 11/16/08

Oh great news, glad they are getting decent exposure like that. Saw them in Chicago last Sunday, and I loved the arrangement of Furr live, so I hope they do it that way for Conan.

Music Saves 11/18/08

Great job guys, really enjoyed the performance on Conan. Have you been on any late night shows before, or is this a debut of sorts? For those who missed it, check out "Furr" here:

Trapper Team
Matt 11/19/08
This is the first one they've done and it was definitely pretty surreal. I think they did a great job though. Here's a clip of just the song on YouTube:
And here are some really great shots of the show with Iron & Wine later that night:
baseboardmatt 11/19/08

Oh, hell yes. So glad interweb technology exists now, cause i completely missed it. the future really IS now. You guys sounded great! Glad I got to see you play little shitty places over the years, cause it's all big rooms for you guys from here on out. Looking forward to the show at the Wonder.

Matt Brown

GrangerLang 11/19/08

Aha! I wondered how my # of views on the YouTube vid got so high less than 24 hours after uploading it! Glad you guys found it :D
They did great, I was so excited for them! I could barely sit still watching it.

gongfarmer 11/20/08

NYC set-list anyone?

GrangerLang 11/24/08

I just wanted to say: I've had the Letterman vid up on YouTube for only 6 days, and there's already well over 700 hits--yow! Traffic hasn't slowed one bit. People are lovin' the BTrappz, and it makes me a happy, happy girl.

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