Blitzen Trapper Fall 2007 Tour Documentary

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Ross McLochness 4/10/10

Hello everyone!

In late Fall of 2007, the Blitzen boys embarked on their first major tour, a three month trek across most of Western Europe and nearly all of the continental United States, with Bay Area openers Songs For Moms and headliners Two Gallants. We had a really great time, lost our innocence and even managed to shoot some footage of it. I finally revisited that footage and put together this brief documentary of our epic adventure.

The sound and pictures are often low quality but I think the distortion of the audio/visuals somehow captures the feeling of a raucous, loud, electric traveling rock show.

Hope you enjoy it. Thanks again to Two Gallants, Songs For Moms and any and all of you that were a part of it!


GrangerLang 4/10/10

This is great, Brian, thanks for posting it! Love the chaos. Erik's Robin Hood whistling skillz are major.
And thanks for the warning about booze ~~*The More You Know

Fan of 4/11/10

Thanks Brian, what a gift! "good drumming, Brian" indeed. Glad someone had tapes and cameras rolling.

otisarungus 4/29/10
Awesome video. Too bad I didn't catch that tour. BT and TG's would be a killer bill.

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