Blitzen Trapper in The Beardcore Manifesto

americanpolymath 9/19/09


Blitzen Trapper is featured prominently in the most important essay written about American music all week, "The Beardcore Manifesto."

nooneastern 9/20/09

honestly, it's been stuff like this lately that makes me want to shave OFF my beard for the first time in 12 years....also i think any real fan of both beards & Byrds would prefer the work (and look) of Gene Parsons over either Gene Clark or Gram Parsons...

fun article overall though

spikewilbury 9/21/09

Interesting article. I've always heard the term beardcore used to describe the newer Georgia based metal bands: Mastodon, Baroness, Kylesa, Torche.

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