Blitzen Trapper T-shirts ?

absolutyyz 9/30/08

Hey, will BTrapp be selling any tshirts on their website? I really want to make it to the show in San Diego in november to snatch one up but its during thanksgiving break and I will be out of the area =(
thanks a lot. kick as music.
- BP

Trapper Team
Matt 10/1/08

We've been meaning to do this for a long time now, and hopefully will get around to it soonish. Right now we don't actually have the new t-shirts made up for the US tour, so we'll at least have to wait till those are ready. Sooner or later you will definitely be able to buy a BT shirt from this here website, and we'll definitely send out a newsletter letting people know. Thanks for asking, it's good to know people are interested!

absolutyyz 10/2/08

good to know. thanks!

absolutyyz 11/24/08

hey i was wondering if BT had gotten any tshirts made up for sale at the shows on the west coast. thanks

VigilantDesign 11/24/08

Hey just wanted to say thank you again for coming to Knoxville and stopping in at the Hooka bar. you guys really made my night, and were the best ever for talking with me about King Tuts. Really appreciate it!

-from that waitress...

Trapper Team
Matt 11/24/08

Yes, BT will definitely have some new shirts with them on the west coast. They're tan on brown American Apparel with the new BT logo from Furr. They're super nice!

absolutyyz 11/24/08

cool! of course i am going for the music but the shirt is a nice souvenier.

klyde 11/26/08

Hey, Guys, I coming to see you guys play on 12/03 (my birthday!!) in Eureka, CA and am wondering HOW I can score a t-shirt to wear to the show, and elsewhere?? At the show? Website? MySpace?? Let me know. You guys are great! PLEASE play Wild Mountain Nation for my birthday...

Trapper Team
Matt 11/26/08

Hey Klyde! You can get t-shirts at the show, and only at the show, though we're planning on getting them on this site once the dudes are back from tour. Happy birthday man! Have fun!

Trapper Team
Matt 11/9/10

This post seems to be one of the top Google hits for "blitzen trapper t-shirt" (gotta work on that) so just to be perfectly clear: shirts ARE available from this site now. Click "Merch" in the main nav, or just click here. Boom!

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