Bluebird Theater - Denver

munkymufin1 6/24/11

I am going to this show on July 20, and was wondering if I could bring my DSLR camera along.  The venue suggested I ask you guys your policy.

I imagine no flash, but is it okay to bring my Nikon D40?  This is for personal enjoyment, not commercial interest. I could even send you guys a couple of prints if you like!

Thanks in advance!

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Mentok 6/26/11

I don't see why not, but no flash please.  They bewilder and frighten us.

munkymufin1 6/27/11

Thanks, Erik!  I will leave my magnesium flashe-powder at home.

Follow-up: I am also seeing Fleet Foxes the following day (July 21) just down the street from the Blubird, and I noticed that Alela Diane is opening for them.  Is there any chance of some on-stage hang-outs, since you guys all have history?  Just saying', it would be totally rad to see you all jam.

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marty 6/28/11

That _would_ be rad! However it would have to be Foxes and Alela joining us at the Bluebird, since we have to boogie across the plains early the next day. So if you want to see it happen lobby hard with those guys. I would love to wrestle Skye Skjelset on stage in Denver!

Shainale 7/6/11

Hello there Blitzen Trapper!

Here goes Abby and Shaina from Florida, we're venturing your way for the show on the 20th and can't wait to get wild with you guys.:] But we have one slight problem....Abby is coming on a greyhound and I'll be following on a plane on the 20th. I couldn't get off work any earlier than that sadly. With that being said the issue remains that my flight doesn't get in till 10p.m. that night.://// Your doors open at 8 and I imagine you won't be on till around 10ish or so and I'll do everything I can to get my booty there as soon as humanly possible. Abby will be going to art school in Denver in the fall and I'll be headed back to Tampa for art school, so this is our last hoorah together. I'm sure you get this a lot but I was wondering if it would be at all possible to get back stage passes to meet you guys. It would be awesome and I promise we're gals you'll like, so it's a win win here! We'll be a little late but who isn't these days.:] If it's not possible we'll still be there moving our way to the front I'm sure. So either way see you soon Blitzen Trapper! 

Love always,

The Floridans 1,928 miles away

blitzface 7/6/11

I haven't seen any info about an opening band.  Does this mean we finally get a two set BT show??

You guys have plenty of material to make the most of it.  I really missed Stolen Shoes and Gold for Bread on the last couple tours.   Maybe an extra set will fill the void.   Can't wait to see you guys at the Bluebird, great venue.  Maybe a taste of American Goldwing????  I'm kinda addicted to All the Stones and Maybe Baby in the lull between releases.  Maybe ....


Another quickie, has Blitzen Trapper ever played the end of Echo (Easy Con? - the instrumental part)?

I keep thinking it would be great to hear that open up a show, then on the break with the 4 count (maybe 2nd time through) bust into Wild Mountain Nation on the 1.  

Obviously, pumped for the show. 

Shainale 7/13/11

Ello anyone in there?

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michael.james 7/13/11

Ello Guv!

We have an opening band - AgesandAges from Portland. Awesome folks.

And no we have never played Easy Con. I played drums on that one and Eric played bass and most everything else. So as you can see it is logistically impossible! Well maybe not impossible but extremely unlikely. But we promise to bring the funk in so many other ways!

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michael.james 7/13/11

Oh! Shainale - no, our wives would kill us if we let you backstage then come hunt you down, blow up your respective art schools and make necklaces out of your bones. Ha! Joking...Maybe...

I'm sure you'll run into us after the show...

FatahRuark 7/14/11

Make sure you get there early enough with a nice camera. The staff usually defaults to things like cameras and recording gear to: NO.

That being said, they are usually very friendly and happy to ask the band/managment if it's okay, but if they band is out eating dinner (or getting loaded)...then obviously they can't ask them.

Haven't decided if I'm bringing my audio gear or not. Probably as I just got a new recorder.

munkymufin1 7/14/11

I would just like to say that it is a wonderful feeling in my heart that results from having three (3!!!) band members write in a thread that I started.  

This will be my third time seeing you guys live, and I am thrilled!  I am terribly grateful for how wonderful this band is.  

blitzface 7/14/11

Munkymufin1 - that's what makes BT so special.  They are so accessible.  Time might change that with their growing popularity but what a great thing they have going.  


Eric writes great music, but all of the band member's contributions (forum, at shows) makes them a 'band' worth listening to. 


See you guys next week!


otisarungus 7/14/11

Fatah, you should definitely bring audio gear. Then upload it to the archive. Very few bands allow soundboard recordings...

FatahRuark 7/15/11

Sweet...I was just wondering if they were okay with board patches. Just got a new 8 channel recorder. I'll run 4 mics + the board feed if the venue is okay with the board patch.

I've never been a huge BT fan...but they keep growing on me. I have a feeling if I had put more of an effort into listening to them earlier I'd be really into them now.

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michael.james 7/15/11

Hey munkymufin1 -

If you dare to post your real name (First and Last) we can make sure there is a photo pass for you at the ticket booth. Then you should have no problem bringing your camera in! Holla at us...

otisarungus 7/15/11

I've taped BT several times via SBD and never had a venue turn me down, though I get permission from band mgmt ahead of time. Most venues leave it up to the band's discrestion, as they should, since it's their decision anyways under US Copyright law.

I hope you bring the gear, I'd love to hear a matrix with the new material. And like I said, it's rare to get a board patch. I only know of two other big bands that allow them (The Moondoggies and The Low Anthem).

You should check out the Archive if you're looking for new material to get hooked...lots of good BT tapes on there. Though I'm partial to my recording of 6/20/10, 7/9/09 is probably my favorite.

munkymufin1 7/16/11

Thanks, Michael!  My name is Lucas Matthews.  I'll see you guys there in just a few days!

FatahRuark 7/16/11

I'm in for the board patch. Got an email back from the road manager, and she is going to take care of everything. Got word from some fellow tapers that have patched into the board at the Bluebird. Word is I might only be able to get a mono feed, but with the mics going as well, I'm fine with that.

blitzface 7/17/11

FatahRuark - will you be putting it up on archive?  I'd love to get a copy of the upcoming show.  The Denver / Boulder scene has been great for BT the past 2 shows and I expect another good showing.  The last show they played in the area 'Fox Theater' is up on archive and the band nails it (especially the harmonies, spot on  - even for a Monday night!).   


Do you think that at the very least we can trade info, so I can help share the final product?

FatahRuark 7/17/11

Yes. I'll put it on the archive. I need to check out that Fox show. That was a fun time.

FatahRuark 7/21/11

If anyone grabbed the setlist and could post it, it sure would be handy for tracking out the recording. Don't know the new songs at all. Thanks.

FatahRuark 7/21/11

Figured it out all by myself! :P

Here is the recording. Enjoy.

1. Intro
2. Might Find It Cheap
3. Sleepytime in the Western World
4. Dragon's Song
5. Destroyer Of The Void
6. God & Suicide
7. American Goldwing
8. Stolen Shoes and a Rifle
9. Big Black Bird
10. Black River Killer
11. Silver Moon
12. Furr
13. Fletcher
14. Miss Spiritual Tramp
15. Gold For Bread
16. I Believe In You #
17. Evening Star
18. The Man Who Would Speak True
19. My Home Town
20. Love and Hate
21. Saturday Nite
22. Devil's A-Go-Go


23. Lady On the Water
24. Jericho
25. Good Times, Bad Times

otisarungus 7/21/11

Sounds great. Thanks for taping and getting it up so quick.

junglelove 7/22/11

Not sure I want to listen to the new stuff in a live format.


Killer setlist though. TIETL seems to have dropped out of the rotation - shame.

blitzface 7/22/11

Thanks FatahRuark!  The recording sounds fantastic.  This one was a rocker for sure.  

I have to admit, I sneaked a peek at the SLC setlist, the night before, to see what we might get for the Denver show.  But, I was pleasantly surprised to see a larger song selection.  They have expanded their playlist and made the show a bit unpredictable which was awesome!    Makes me want to see more shows this time around...  especially since they alternated playing the new material between the two shows.

The show was fun and if you can't get to see them this go round, download the recording.  It's great quality and the new songs are definitely worth the listen.

blitzface 7/23/11

FatahRuark - can't thank you enough for the recording, best sounding one I've got.  I've been listening to it quite a bit and I think I came up with something different.

I Believe in You - might be - Your Crying Eyes (just comparing the setlist to the songs on the new album).  Not sure because it sounds like Marty might say it is, I Believe in You.  

Anyone from the Trapper Gang able to confirm or deny??

munkymufin1 7/24/11

What an incredible show!!!  Everyone should do themself a favor and download the whole thing.  It was a treat to see these guys, to see what is comin' round the bend with their new material, and even to meet the guys (except for Michael - next time!!!).

So thanks for the Photo Pass, BTrapp!  Would there be an email address or fan mail add that I could send a few prints to?  These aren't professional grade photos, but some turned out rather nicely, and I'd like to show my gratitude for your awesomeness and geniality.

I'll see you next tour (and the one after that, et al)!

steve mock 7/27/11

These are strange times. When I was but a youth, we'd get a record and love it and say, "I can't WAIT to hear this played live." Often, it would be many, many months.

Now (thank you) I am BLASTING the new material from this Bluebird show every single day and find myself saying, "I can't WAIT to hear this studio recording."

I assume you guys will be swinging through the Detroit area come fall. Ever played Ann Arbor? The Blind Pig? You would do well there. There'd be more love than what you might get on Woodward Avenue I think.

"Great job, Denver!"

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