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Fan of 10/22/09

rad show BT (missed Wye Oak cos of work). so thanks. pretty amazing effort, and i really dug the places the music went, saw lots of eyes closed. seemed the band folk were enjoying themselves. nice Neil Young cover. It was cool, and sounded good in truth, I appreciated the full effort as usual. pls come back after the new album, boulder will come out in droves, while the fox is small and the crowd was too subdued, felt like a nice home town gig, complete with the sights and smells of trendy ass bo co. good lights actually. 2 other local venues: boulder theatre and chatauqua auditorium at the base of the flatirons are also good places, i can't speak for the oncampus venues like the various fields like farrand field and others. the sound mix was good. thanks again for the effort BTrappa and for saying hello to a random fan (me) after the show for a moment. it was so great to see you on the hill close to home.

blitzface 10/22/09

BT!!!!! What a show? So much more inspired than the Bluebird show in July. I was in front of the board on Tuesday and it sounded awesome. Everything was on, harmonies, music, and even the headbobbing/funky chicken (especially with Michael). Quite different than your last show in the Colorado area. I love how Black River is sounding. Wild Mountain was fantastic. Our group had 5 new BT listeners in it and all were impressed and had a great time. Thanks! By the way, that barrier was pretty strange huh? The under21 wall? There were people hanging over it all preshow trying to get a wristband to get into the rest of the place. It was like a cage for under 21 people and like Marty pointed out, it was packed over there - 'they were touching'. Strange, but at least they could attend a great show. I hope you come back soon, I know the plan after Aussie fest is to complete the album but a holiday trapper show in CO would be appreciated. The support is there, that place was packed for a Tuesday night. Maybe Red Rocks next summer????????? Opening for Wilco?????? We can all hope right?

If anyone has access to the recording of that show please respond, that was the best I've heard live Trapper.

Fan of 11/21/09

your red rox idea blitz face is dead on! you remember the indie music fest, the millenium music fest is it called? i forget, in 07 in sept it hosted fellow portlanders the decemberists, et al. would also be a cool way to see the trapper, although i'd want BT on the main stage not some side stage in the lot. another killer venue is the fillmore up the street from the bluebird and in boulder, the boulder theatre downtown and chatauqua auditorium at the base of chatauqua park is a pretty rad, good sounding place to see a show and you can't beat the environs around it, its at the base of the flatirons and foothills. i will be there next time. you already know.

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