BT at Walter's on Washington

OhMyChokingSoul 1/7/09

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share an awesome BT experience my wife and I had in Houston, TX. We decided to go see some live music one night completely unplanned at a place we love Walter’s on Washington. I can’t even remember who BT were opening for anymore, that’s how great an impression BT’s live show made on me. I remember I bought WMN and asked Brian if he would mind signing it for me. He was very cool about the whole thing, very humble. I remember he was like, “Yeah, no problem, I’ll get all the guys to sign it.” Before I knew it the whole band was there, we joked and talked for quite some time. I had downloaded the Heart Cover “Crazy on You” from Stereogum, thought it was interesting, and decided to give their album a chance. I had just bought Field Rexx that week and hadn’t even had a chance to listen to it yet. I felt like a complete tool ‘cause I’d mentioned that I had the album, but couldn’t really speak intelligently on it yet. Of course the guys were very cool, Brian even bought a round for my wife and me.

I remember that the guys played Jericho that night, the following weeks I hunted high and low for the song… in the process collecting the entire discography of the band. Before I knew it I went from liking their music, to wishing I could see them again, to having BT literally become my favorite band within about a month. They’ve since been to the Austin/Houston/Beaumont area several times and each time I’ve been overseas (I travel way too much with my job), bummer. Either way, I just wanted to thank the guys, congratulate them on all their success, the Sub-Pop deal, let them know my wife and I love their music, appreciate all those free Day Trotter Sessions, and anxiously await the next time we are around town when the BT roll through Texas.

Thanks for the music and hospitality guys,
James & Eleana

Trapper Team
Matt 1/9/09

This story definitely makes me smile. Thanks for sharing guys.

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