BT - Indie Band vs. Mainstream Superstars

plTRAPPER 11/15/15

Perhaps I am biased, but I strongly feel that Blitzen Trapper could be as big as the Eagles, or U2 if they wanted to be.  Their songs are so very strong, and yes...many of them are so very commecial, that I could picture them selling millions of albums, and hearing their songs on the radio til the cows come home, headlning large theaters, arenas, stadiums and the like..Makes me wonder if the band has made a conscous effort to strictly stay grassroots.

Selfishly, of course, I love the grassroots, DIY approach, because that makes Blitzen Trapper more special to me.  There's none of that Dave Grohl/Foo Fighters overexposure I get here in L.A, and none of that mad rush to try to get tickets like Springsteen, U2, etc...Shows are easy to get into, tickets are inexpensive, and there are no posers to speak of in the crowd, and the band often hangs out before and after the shows.  So in a selfish sense, I want Blitzen Trapper to stay just exactly as they are.

But as a passionate fan, I want the world to know Blitzen Trapper.  I want to hear their songs in movies, and on movie soundtracks.  I want to see them on Saturday Night Live.  I want everyone to know how great the music of Blitzen Trapper is, and what a fantastic band they are live.  This is a band that could do anything.  They could tour with country artists, or tour with rock and roll bands...even (if they tweaked their setlist enough) metal bands.  

Anyway, was just curious if the band or the management had a strategy of where they want to be, or if there was a deliberate attempt to keep the band's expoure smaller than they were clearly capable of.  Either way, love the music, love the band.  Shine on!

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