BT opening for GbV

indied 7/16/10

Looks like it's made it to the "Shows" page that Blitzen Trapper are opening three dates (Boston, Philly, NY) on the upcoming Guided by Voices "classic lineup" reunion tour.  I suppose it can't hurt to make a plea for BT to open for GbV in Atlanta too, a few weeks prior???!  Any chance of this happening? Two of the most amazing bands of the past couple decades, together at, um Atlanta?  Think it over.

(If that fails, I'm not above bribery.)

blakedrury 7/26/10

I have tickets for the GBV show at the Southgate House... I wish the Trapper would open there too. Looks like Sweet Apple will be opening in Atlanta though.

Eck 9/7/10

Believe me, I'd be way into more dates with those guys, but we'll be in the middle of a tour of our own at the time.  Enjoy those shows!  We'll be through Athens on the 7th of October if you wanna come out then!

indied 9/8/10

Wow, thanks Erik.  Yeah, Blitzen Trapper and GbV is a DREAM bill! 

I'm doing my best to get to the 40 Watt show - I truly love you guys!

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