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Comet 10/22/20
Did anyone read this interview Eric did with Eric from Fruit Bats?

There's an interesting sentence in it:
It’s funny to say it, but the 10-year anniversary Fur tour felt kind of like our last tour. Like a closing. Does that make sense? I knew there were changes coming with the band, so making the record I wasn’t thinking I’d tour it. 

Has someone left??  Say it aint so!
J Love 2/2/21
Pretty difficult to tour the new record both because of Covid and because its vibe is so mellow - would it have really suited the band ? Eric could have toured it solo.

Fingers crossed for dates soon.
thegraciousfew 4/11/21
Controversial theory: This IS an Eric early solo record. Do the rest of the band actually play on it at all?
J Lurve 5/1/21

In other news, Blitzen Trapper will play a livestream show on Bandcamp Live on May 7. It's a full band show -- Eric will be backed by Brian Adrian Koch (drums/vocals), Nathan Vanderpool (bass/vocals), and Michael Blake (guitar/piano) -- and the first they've played since releasing Holy Smokes Future Jokes. Tickets are on sale now.
Lubenow 5/19/22
It's my understanding most if not all BT records only have Earley playing on them.  Saw the new line up. Good but a far cry from the absolute UNIT the old line up was live

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