Cheap Fantastical Takedown in stores

fabarmadillo 10/6/23
Eric just released a list of all the indie record stores that are selling the new 12" single

fabarmadillo 11/3/23
They're finally selling it online! 98 left in stock at this moment.

Hey folks who already got a copy of CFT, where did you find it? What do you think of it?

I was at the St Louis concert recently, where Eric said that the previous night in Iowa, they had sold out all but one of the copies they'd brought on tour. He joked about throwing it into the crowd and letting us all fight for it. Lol. Idk what he actually did with it.
earleytrapper 11/6/23
I actually ended up giving it to a friend working the show in Memphis the next night, it felt weird to have to sell it to one person after the show, why that person? why not someone else? so I just gifted it.
I actually have a number of copies of it still, probably will sell on the bt store eventually if the label lets me.

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