Chicago Show

Music Saves 2/23/09

Surprised no one made a thread about this show yet. Was at the late show, and of course BT brought it, really had a good time. I really appreciated them playing some older stuff, especially Asleep For Days, I thought that was awesome. I didn't think the crowd was that great, seemed a bit subdued, maybe they were tired. Or, more likely, it was a typical Chicago crowd. Regardless, the guys seemed to be enjoying themselves. Sitting here listening to my autographed copy of Furr on vinyl, and I think it sounds even better. Thanks for the great show!

ALady 2/24/09

I attended both, and though the early set was fantastic, I thought they really came alive in the second set. Loved the covers of "Cocaine Blues" and "Last Thing on My Mind". I brought a couple friends who were new to BT, and they were absolutely blown away - you guys made some new fans in Chicago that night!

I bought an autographed Wild Mountain Nation and managed to completely smear the ink on one of the names by the time I got home. Whoops.

Good times y'all, thanks so much!

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