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hamsandwich 4/28/18
Hey! I've been a BT fan since Furr came out, but since finally seeing them live in late 2016 (when they came to LA) I've become a completist, with all their albums and now trying to complete my collection of non-album tracks.

What amazes me about their "rarities" is not only how many there are, but how they are nearly all top notch tunes -- songs most other bands would never dream of removing from an album. That's just how damn good this band is.

Anyhow, here's what I have (from my iTunes in chronological order):

Pink Padded Slippers
Crazy On You (Heart cover)
New Shoes (For the Kids 3)
Star Me Kitten (REM cover)
Ballad of Bird Love (Furr iTunes Bonus Track)
Farthest Shore (Furr sessions)
Rent-A-Cop (Furr sessions)
Wicked (from Choke soundtrack)
War Is Placebo (RSD single)
Booksmart Baby (RSD single)
The Last Thing On My Mind (Tom Paxton acoustic cover)
Simple Tree (Destroyer of the Void iTunes Bonus Track)
Ballad of the Burning Tongue (Destroyer Of The Void sessions)
Treasure (Yo Gabba Gabba)
Maybe Baby (RSD single)
Soul Singer (RSD single)
Mission Moon (American Goldwing iTunes Bonus Track)
All The Stones (American Goldwing sessions)
Hot Freaks (Guided By Voices cover)
Hey Joe (RSD single)
Skirts On Fire (RSD single)
Up On Cripple Creek (Deschutes River Recordings)
Coming Home (VII sessions)
Plenty of Thrills (VII sessions)
The Prophet (VII sessions)
Unbelievable (Bob Dylan cover)
Proud Mary (Ike & Tina Turner cover)
To Be Young (Is To Be Sad) (Ryan Adams cover)
Wicked Game (Chris Isaak cover live in studio)
Working on the Highway (Bruce Springsteen cover)
Flyin' Shoes (Townes Van Zandt cover)
I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow
Summer Rain (Amazon exclusive track)
Helplessly Hoping (CSN cover at Jam in the Van, Austin, TX)

Tracks I'm still looking for:

Heaven & Earth (demo) - from BT website, now unavailable
Brothers Three (Destroyer of the Void Japan Only Bonus Track)
The Last Thing on My Mind (Tom Paxton cover) – iTunes Live/Acoustic EP
Going Wrong – iTunes Live/Acoustic EP
Look My Way – PDX Pop Now! 2010 compilation
A Lover Loves – Wild Mountain Nation outtake
Pink Padded Slippers - digital download incl. with "Blitzen Trapper" RSD 2013 LP
Crackerjack Tattoo - digital download incl. with "Blitzen Trapper" RSD 2013 LP
Flying Trapeze - digital download incl. with "Blitzen Trapper" RSD 2013 LP
Rainy Day - digital download incl. with "Blitzen Trapper" RSD 2013 LP
On A Tuesday - digital download incl. with "Blitzen Trapper" RSD 2013 LP
Moving Minors Over Country Lines (demo) - digital download incl. with "Field Rexx" RSD 2016 LP
40 Stripes (demo) - digital download incl. with "Field Rexx" RSD 2016 LP
Lux & Royal Shopper (demo) - digital download incl. with "Field Rexx" RSD 2016 LP

I also missed the boat on getting the RSD album "Live Harvest" before collectors started charging $75+ for it. (!)

And I never have been able to find Eric's solo "Trapper" album, which I'd love to hear.

Anybody want to trade rarities? Or have any leads for me? Also, feel free to let me know if the lists are missing any rare tracks.

hamsandwich 4/28/18
Oh and FYI here's a handy list of all their Record Store Day exclusives:

Maybe Baby/Soul Singer 7" – RSD 2011
Hey Joe/Skirts on Fire 7" - RSD 2012
"Blitzen Trapper" LP (with 5 unreleased downloadable tracks) - RSD 2013
Hold On/On A Dime Woman 7" - RSD 2014
Live Harvest LP - RSD 2015 
Field Rexx LP (with 3 unreleased downloadable tracks) - RSD 2016
Waking Bullets At Breakneck Speed LP - RSD 2017
Kid's Album! 10" EP - RSD 2018
munkymufin1 4/28/18
Hey! Glad to see an updated list of these.  I've spent a lot of time accumulating these, myself.

I've got several of what you're lacking (it's a special type of nervous buying "Brothers Three" from a Japanese website hoping that Google translate hasn't led me astray), so I'd be happy to do some tradesies as long as it's cool with the band.

Also I'll never ever part with "Live Harvest" no matter how high the price goes, for the sheer joy of seeing myself in the photo of Eric on the back.  
hamsandwich 4/29/18
Hey munky! Good point about the band being cool with it. To clarify, I wouldn't trade any audio files from something that can still be purchased new domestically or especially directly from the band -- i.e., anything they can make money off of. I bought everything I could buy. But if it's something you can only find used and would put money only in a reseller's pockets (like the now overpriced Live Harvest album), I can't imagine the band would frown upon free trading. But feel free to pipe up about this, guys!
hamsandwich 4/29/18
...and since I can't find a way to contact you directly on here, please drop me a line at my spam email address -- the only one I feel safe posting on a public forum! Anyone who wants to trade, email me! [email protected]
junglelove II 5/1/18
Your list is missing the daytrotter tracks.
ljanzen 10/10/18
I have a couple to add:

Million Reasons (Lady Gaga cover)
Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd cover)

Available from:
mistercharlie 1/15/19
There's also:
Christmas is Coming Soon
Crushing The Wheat from PDX Pop Now! 2008
Look My Way from PDX Pop Now! 2010

And you can find lots of great recordings on with a bunch of different covers that there aren't studio versions of.

And I've got Trapper somewhere around here.
junglelove II 2/13/19
Daytrotter seems to have been absorbed. All the archives still available here though!/concert/caleb-caudle/20056883-37383936

What are the BT plans for 2019 in general ? 
wakeman 6/26/19
FWIW - was doing a headcount of my B sides against this list while making sure I had all my music sorted after moving it to a better backup. Because it's not explicitly listed here, for anyone interested, there's one track off the Daytrotter sessions that isn't just an acoustic rendition of a studio track, called "Big Adventure". It can be found here:
OCDBT4ME 7/2/19
Thank you, @wakeman, for the link! I haven’t listened to that gem since they used it in one of their tour videos from years ago. How I’d LOVE to hear it performed at one of their shows! And what a great version of Stolen Shoes, too! 
Brother Beck 2/26/23
hamsandwich - Just curious if you have been able to get ahold of Brothers Three...?  That is the one on your second list that I actually do have.
wakeman 4/16/23
Getting a notification for this post actually prompted me to revisit this list, and I also found an extant recording of Going Wrong from the no longer available iTunes EP from 2008. Neat!

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