Current dates?

Dunwoody 11/27/09

Hi all, I'm new (if that wasn't already apparent from the thread title). Where's the best place to check for current BT dates? I see that if I click the Tour link above it shows that they don't have anything scheduled. Is that right?

Also, if there's a FAQ anywhere, I'd appreciate if someone could point me to it so I can look up the answers to these stupid questions myself :)

Eugenia 11/27/09

AFAIK, BT are not on tour anymore. They are on hiatus to take a breath from the constant touring of the last 3 years, and to prepare for the next album. I would personally expect them to be back on the road in 6 months or so, or when the new album is done.

Until then, they might be featured in small appearances around Portland though, either as a band, or individually. For example:

Dunwoody 11/28/09

Ah, thanks Eugenia. So this is a hiatus and not a breakup yeah?

Sometimes I really wish I still lived in the NW ....

Eugenia 11/28/09

I don't know why you think there's a breakup. AFAIK, there isn't one. The boys seem to get along fine. Not that I know the band personally, but that's the vibe I get. They have been touring almost non-stop the last few years, so they need this well-deserved vacation.

Trapper Team
Matt 11/29/09

Eugenia's correct on all the counts! The guys have been touring pretty much non-stop for a long time, so they're taking a break to finish up the next record. Definitely no breakup! The only show they have scheduled right now is Pavement's ATP gig:

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