dear blitzen trapper

kcassidy 1/14/18
hey y'all,

i know you guys probably don't read these very often. i'd like to express how much your music has shaped my life. i lived in portland for a while, and was introduced to your music there. the uniquely upbeat between heartbreaking tracks was enough to get me hooked rather quickly. i took this infatuation back to colorado, where i met some of the most important people in my life. my boyfriend at the time was so excited and inspired by furr that he was playing it on his guitar within days. we played your music together often.

my boyfriend passed unexpectedly two years ago. i still play furr on his birthday and on the anniversary of his death, as well as every time i feel alone and want to feel his presence around me. thank you for the memories, the friendship, and the music to help keep me going.


Band Member
eearley 1/22/18
thanks for sharing Kylie, I always appreciate it when folks share how my songs have helped them or had significance for them in some way, makes it all seem worthwhile and meaningful. Loss is something I touch on a lot in my songs because I'm well acquainted with it and it makes me happy to hear someone connecting with the songs even in the midst of something tragic. Life is all about relationships and I'm glad to hear that the music is contributing to the love!

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