Dear Blitzen Trapper, Ohio Welcomes You. Love, Alex

alex 2/20/10

last year my friend travis introduced me to the album Furr after a common meeting with his bong Alice. since that fateful and remarkably smoky day i have been your loyal fan. i check your site every week or so to see if you guys put up tour dates near ohio, but alas no luck. anyway i bid you to please come to ohio, columbus, cleveland, toledo, id even drive all the way to the other side of the state to see you in cincinatti. id recommend not going to detroit up north though lol. anyway, i love you guys, keep making beautiful music.

Fan of 2/24/10

alex, your post is the shat. of course, i'm not a band member. yet, your post i dig. watch out when the house of cards falls for good, as it look as though it may. gone trappin'...

alex 2/24/10

thank you sir/ma'am? anyway yea the top part fell and the big base thing was still standing and i balanced my Furr cd, my milk, and a the rest of the deck on it and it still stood. i was impressed with the cards display of courage and strength.

Fan of 2/25/10

my 'house of cards' euphemism has to do with the house of cards falling globally right now.
you see the signs would indicate that someday people will be "trading gold for bread" as in earley's song lyric.
check out let it play through 4-5 segments if you can sometime, or keep going through a few at a time whatev's. it is true I assure you, (unfortunately it is: we have an entire civilization system based on assumptions: unlimited growth, expansion, consumption, and an endless cornucopia of food, natural resources, topsoil, water, and biological habitats for humans to rape and pillage, like the American model being emulated now by the chinese, for at least another century to come. You cannot have a growing population globally living on a finite amount of resources globally, forever, without a population overshoot). WAWTG is dense & profound and the folks who made it also wisely put a cool indie band Chamber Corps behind making the soundtrack for it.
and for daily news see: for indie news, views, links

2nd (my handle originally)
raises the awareness of the great threshold now facing all of humanity, 4 free chapters to download and read and contemplate at your own pace, over time. if it resonates with your experience and inner truth, I would encourage you, as someone who has had their life turned forever towards truth by this material, to pursue this thread and read the full book, it is available online everywhere or get it through your library or interlibrary loan for free by the award winning author and visionary writer, Marshall Summers. The book is called The Great Waves of Change: Navigating the Difficult Times Ahead. happy truth hunting alex. --fan of

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