Denver Bluebird 7.16.09 review & Boulder Oct. 09 The Fox lookahead

Fan of 7/25/09

thx for posting the IA City audio, the soundboard recording is the shaight.

the previous show, the night before, they were off hook in Denver so I was really hoping someone would upload a audience / soundboard recording, the IA soundboard sounds really great so far. setlist in Iowa City looks to be pretty close to the same as the Denver setlist The crowd in Ia sounds a little retarded at points, not exactly suprising to this Blitz Head. Brian, great work on the videos on this website, you're a funny dude brother.

So, Denver: Animated is just the beginning of how I would describe the show, it was real high energy, ya heard?
BT is one of the best live bands I've ever seen, and I've followed one's that built 40 year careers on touring alone. Koch the drummer, the bambam-bombastic. He had me laughing my ass off, hair flyin' around on the tomtom runs, he was putting fills in songs that don't have fills, man, I didn't know that Biltzen Trapper could rock that hard! For real! This band is a revelation. Band looked like they were having quite a good time, at a certain point a few songs in while nursing my $6 newcastle (ouch), I realized this was going to be a set when the band couldn't play a wrong note...that held true and then some. there was a good deal of groovin' by the band onstage, dancin'& getting off on the music, which is always a good vibe to be a part of. it was perfect for that crowd, which was loud, drunk and relatively involved, although some of the people weren't dancing in the crowd everyone I spoke to was impressed by the show, particularly the band's apparent chops, interplay & improv & a younger cat at the bus station mentioned BT's ability to keep the songs performance's different/fresh.

see you in Boulder in october Trappa--the timing and location couldn't be any better: the Fox is on the campus town Hill area & in beautiful October with all the lovely scenery. not to mention the occasional knifing that results in a writeup in the paper, good times, great oldies. get ready Trapper for a mighty high time indeed. cheers, BT seers

blitzface 7/27/09

Is that for real, 10.9.09 at the FOX? Fox Theater has Hot Buttered Rum playing that night. I must have missed the announcement. You think they will do a few shows through Colorado?

Fan of 7/30/09

I'm just thankful BT will be in Boulder. Should be real fertile ground for them and building new-fan streams into their music and shows; many Boulder area people are into real good music and hence could recognize the real substance of BT and the music, its just most the local people who would recognize BT music for what it is, most of them are past the age of 21-22, under that, the odds are they're into whatever crap has been force fed them repeatedly through the radio till the hook/loop built dung layer cake 'songs' get programmed into them.

If someone from BT reads this: for promo/awareness raising in Boulder/Denver metro via the radio, I'd recommend checking into (88.5fm locally) if you're feeling like a brief afternoon pre-show in-studio performance at a radio station, kgnu is legendary in community powered public radio nationally. their biggest current draw is Democracy Now for the 2 drive times mon-fri. its not thom hartmann but its good. KGNU also a new 1390 AM signal in the denver area now (1st community station to add a 2nd signal in the country) AND a denver studio from which to perform and broadcast from as well. point is: potentially a instudio at kgnu could reach 3-4 million people along the front range. additionally christian-lee: U. of Colorado's station is Radio 1190 (AM). Out of the 2 kgnu is the best by far, they even have a nice sounding studio to play in w/ pro-level equipment, that goes for all their programming and the whole station actually.

hope this helps you blitzen facen.

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