Destroyer of the Void full album stream

Trapper Team
Matt 6/1/10

The awesome people at NPR are streaming Destroyer of the Void in it's entirety starting now, ending when the album comes out next week.  Which means you guys can finally legitimately hear this thing!  Excited to hear what you all think.

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, you can download "Dragon's Song" and the original demo version of "Heaven & Earth" on the front page of this very site, for free.

rc 6/4/10

I have listened to it twice now. That is not nearly long enough to fully appreciate this, I realize.  Heck, I found "Saturday Night" a little annoying the first few times I heard it and now it is one of my favorites.

So here are a few initial impressions:

great fingerpicking! was that a 12-string?

b trapp with string quartet!

strange/outside chord changes and harmonies on many songs (these are the kind of things that will "click" after repeated listenings I think)

song about the guy with a flower instead of a tongue...kinda like Black River Killer sequel

also neat story on "The Tailor" song

Not much southern-fried skynyrdesque riffage (hope that is not insulting description to you)

Having made that last observation, overall, i would like to thank the Trappers for NOT re-creating Furr or WMN. I love that you guys are changing and exploring possibilities of your the same time I do hear quite a few consistencies. Clearly it is a B Trapp album! Thanks for all the wonderful music. You are one of my favorite groups!

gongfarmer 6/5/10

REALLY like this new album. KUDOS.

xmybt 6/13/10

The new album is great. There's some really catchy tunes. I had never heard BT before Radcliffe and Maconie accidentally played Destroyer of the Void on their radio 2 show in the UK. See They were meant to play Laughing Lover but put the wrong track on. Talking with Suzanne Vega after, they said in there were Queen, David Bowie, Kansas, Cheap Trick, ELP, SuperTramp and Steely Span...

AmshMisfit 6/21/10

this album is kicking my ass. i loved furr, but i think they stepped up their game here.

Roger Herr 6/21/10

Great new album! Thanks for coming thru the midwest and stopping in the Lou of the Saint!
Completely jacked to see you guys tonight at Off Broadway!!! 

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