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E. Earley 9/21/09

So there's been alot of questioning about the songs on the BRK EP, thought i'd do some explaining, interviewers keep asking me what these extra songs are, in reality they're simply some of the vast multi-tiered volumes of extra tracks recorded previous to the release of WMN,

Silver Moon is near four years old, recorded around three times in differing formats, Preacher's has about the same timeframe, Black Rock and Shoulder are older dating back to the old house on 69th and Long where garmonbozia was recorded in '02 and '03 roughly. Big Black Bird was originally an instrumental track recorded at the 69th house for the soundtrack to a film we made entitled Who is Manfred Milner? or something like that, it ran during the final credits, the complete soundtrack i've never released, around the time of Furr or previous I recorded the version you now hear adding lyrics and other notable soundz.

These tracks being some of my favorites from the storehouse, i thought it might be nice to release them for tour, which we did during the spring of '08 prior to the release of Furr. However we only sold them at shows and w/out much zeal I would have to say. To release a single as we've done seems in ways marginally silly in these days of the infranet and it's vagaries,

nonetheless there you have it, subpop indulged me in some ways and so there's another piece of viable recorded whatnot out and about.

I'd also like to say that after this US tour and Australia we are on hiatus indefinitely, working on the new record which has already broken the thirteen track mark and will probably reach into the twenties from which I shall choose some ten or so tracks to release some time next year. The BRKiller EP is in no way a linear follow up to Furr and is in no way exemplary of the new record which I'm working on and of which i've only spoken of in a few interviews and that mostly inaccurate and amusingly misleading. (Anyone who talks of Libyan pop stars in the same breath as Black Sabbath is obviously insane or worse.)

I'd also like to say, since I rarely say much, that I have a deep and abiding appreciation and love for all the fans in europe the UK and america, having traveled thru these places playing music and have been welcomed and loved in most places, and those places where I am not, i merely shake the dust from my boots.

spikewilbury 9/22/09

Thanks for the post Eric! I look forward to what the future holds for you guys and the next time you roll through town.

Eva Cohen rodrigues 9/25/09

Hope you'll come back to play in M'asterdam soon,
LOved your sound in Paradiso!
Take care,

Fan of GreatWavesOfChange.org 9/26/09

Eric, thanks for the insights, honesty, and details. I respect your discretion too, might as well conserve your energy by being discerning in what you say and to whom, germinate stuff w/i the BT circle quietly, and limit your stimulation load (also conserves energy) in our quite over stimulated world where there ain't a whole lot of listening going on. challenging to do.

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