East coast tour

fabarmadillo 8/2/23
Can't wait to see BT at In Between Days. Anyone else going to any of the east coast shows?
munkymufin1 8/13/23
Oh how I wish, but it's too far a drive from Kentucky.  On a related note, would anyone be willing to pick up an extra copy of the limited-run vinyl?  For my part, I would be willing to trade legal tender for such a service and good.
fabarmadillo 8/16/23
@munkymufin1 yeah I can try to get you a copy 
munkymufin1 8/16/23
@fabarmadillo That would be amazing!  Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] 
Atty77 8/18/23
Anyone know what this limited run vinyl consists of?  
fabarmadillo 8/22/23
It's a 12" red vinyl 45-rpm 3-song EP. It includes Eric, Brian, Michael Elson, Anna Tivel, Nate Vanderpool. 

Eric is going back to his earlier etherial sound even more. I feel like Holy Smokes Future Jokes is the undercurrent of his poppier music, and the songs here are a deeper and darker part of that same stream. Or like if you melted down HSFJ and there was more of it oozing between the layers. This EP makes me feel like I'm in a dusty old room at midnight with trippy red and purple lighting effects, and the walls are lined with creepy ceramic animal figurines that seem like they could fall, smash open and release ghosts at any moment.

Edit - oops, should've included the song titles -
Side A
Cheap Fantastical Takedown
Side B
Millions of Billions
Ghost & the Snakebite 
fabarmadillo 8/22/23
Here are some photos I took at In Between Days. It was a short show, but they were really jamming. 
Band members - Eric, Brian, Nate, Michael E. 

Atty77 8/23/23
Thanks for the info fabarmadillo! Look forward to (hopefully) getting my hands on it.  
Tylerb910 8/23/23
Talked to Nathan at the D.C. show and he (and Brian) confirmed that the new tracks are just a taste of a new album!

p.s. I love the new tracks so much, and have already made some personal mp3's from my copy :)
fabarmadillo 8/26/23
Here's a full video I just found from the D.C. concert 
fabarmadillo 8/29/23
"Cheap Fantastical Takedown" (the title track from the EP) just went up on Bandcamp 
J Love 8/29/23

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