Eugene, Oregon show!

Nate 9/26/09

Wow!! What a Show!

Myself and 5 others had a fantastic time, met a few guys in the band, talked to Marty out front of MacDonald Theater, it was a great show!

The Band was tight and on the money. Black river killer, Fire and fast Bullets, Wild Mountain Nation, Not your lover, God and Suicide, Furr, the band played for like an hour and a 1/2. They took the stage about 9:20 and were done around 10:40 or so.

Great show guys, look forward to the next one. It was nice to find out that Marty, Eric and the guys are just as nice as they seem to be when I see interviews and whatnot. Very cool and accomidating...

Thanks guys, Great Show!!

Nate ~ Albany, Oregon

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