European Tour 2011/2012?

GerTrapper 7/24/11


Is there any chance of you coming to Europe, especially to North-Western Germany this year or maybe at the beginning of 2012? Saw you last year in Münster (Gleis22), and can't wait to see you again since that concert!

It would be cool if you can say something to this topic!

Greetings from (one your fans in) Germany! :-)

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marty 7/26/11

hi gertrapper, we will get over there as soon as possible but nothing is scheduled at the moment. we usually plan tours 6 months or so in advance, and the fall will see us on an exhaustive tour of north america. i will let you know when we start planning our next trip to your neck of the woods. gleis22 was a really awesome place to play. 

GerTrapper 7/26/11


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