European/UK Tour

Comet 12/23/17
Anyone going to any of the UK shows in the Spring? I think I actually let out  a little scream when I read the guys were coming over again!  Got tickets for the Leeds show... it'll be my first time seeing them since '09 when I saw them support Fleet Foxes in Newcastle.  Looking forward to hearing the new album live, and keeping my fingers crossed for some DOTV tracks.  
junglelove 1/2/18
London at least.
Harry 1/24/18
I am so glad to hear that BT will tour though Europe, THANK YOU!!!

Is this the final schedule or are there more shows to come?

I will see you in Germany or Netherlands, or maybe both :D
junglelove II 3/8/18
Not many outings for "Baby Wont you turn me on" in 2018 - please don't spread this malaise in the Uk.

Comet 3/31/18
Hoping for Love Live On in Leeds, but it's been so long I'm genuinely excited to hear anything so whatever they end up playing - I'll be happy.  11 days to go!
junglelove II 4/4/18
London is sold out !

Which means they definitely have to play "Baby won't you turn me on".

Harry 4/8/18
Hey BT,
thank you for the great show in Leffinge :)
Me and my wife had an awesome time.
Thank you for the conversation after the show as well.

I posted our photo on your facebook site ;)
junglelove II 4/13/18
London Hoxton setlist :

Fire and Fast Bullets
Wild and Reckless
Love Live On
No Man's Land
Evening Star
When I'm Dying (extended jam)
Lady on the Water (acoustic as Eric broke a string on his electric guitar)
Baby won't you turn me on (shared vocals version)
Love the way you walk away
Nights were made for love
Black River Killer
Love Grow Cold
Thirsty Man


All Across This Land

Excellent show - despite the smoke machine being on triple time.

Eric's has an interesting new look which appears to be a homage to Bruno from Fame.

When I'm dying and Baby won't you turn me on are the standouts live for me from the new album.

Comet 4/14/18
Leeds setlist 11th April

(running order not 100% accurate)

Fire & Fast Bullets
Devils A-Go-Go
Wild & Reckless
No Man's Land
Country Caravan (Eric forgets words to second verse - much hilarity ensues!)
Black river Killer
When I'm dying
Thirsty man
Love Live On
saturday Nite
Nights were Made for Love

Stranger in a Strange Land
Man Who Would Speak True
Brokedown Palace (Grateful Dead cover)All Across This Land

A great show.  Appreciative crowd.  Got to meet Brian and Michael afterwards who humoured my OH and myself with some talk of British weather and Belgium! Very jealous you got Evening Star in London.
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