Fan dissapointed about KC show 21+

jamestlacy 5/19/11

I was glad to see that BT added Kansas City to their summer tour until I noticed the show is 21+.  I am 20 years of age, BT is one of my fave bands and I'm super bummed that this show is 21+.  This seems to happen to me alot with other bands as well.  I've seen BT in the KC/Lawrence area many times in the last few years and have never ran into this issue.  I know some peeps who work at the venue, but nothing is solid yet as to getting into the show.  Any other suggestions?

junglelove 5/20/11

Fake ID and grow a beard ? Or move to Europe where you can get hosed at 18.

christopher_voss 7/16/11

Go with the beard.


FatahRuark 7/17/11

You're thinking the glass is half full. You're lucky that you'll be able to go to good shows next year.

When I was 20 (and 21) I lived in Vermont, and nothing worthwhile ever came to where I was. I had to live with crappy Grateful Dead cover bands at my local bar. 


jamestlacy 7/17/11

worst case scenario im gonna run up to the all ages omaha show.  i think ill be able to get in...if i see some trapper members i might waive em down to see if they can help me out if im having issues, if they would be kind enough to help.  either way im pumped for new BT.

jamestlacy 7/22/11

just recieved official word from friends who work at the riot room.  apparantly they just got some underage fines so i am fucked.  hope its a rocker tonight...i guess ill be catchin the show in omaha.   FUCK!

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