Fan Not Dissapointed In KC Show

jers 7/23/11

I was lucky to be in the hot, some-what juicy crowd in KC last night for my third Trapper show. Each one has been better than the last and none have been in any way dissapointing. This time around songs felt harded, and sounded more electric and powerful. With a few excpetions including Fur, and Not Your Lover that have become crowd sing-a-longs (wich was cool). I belive there were 4 new songs played and they were all Great. One song that I missed the name of proves that Sabbath lives and is coming to bitch slap you with quadruple maraccas.  My friends and I were left very excited for the new record and the next stop to KC. Although if  Blitzen Trapper keeps playing shows like that and putting out killer albums one after another it wont be long until I wont be able to afford to go to the shows. That said, I hope they keep it up. Thanks for the music and another great show.

jamestlacy 7/24/11

totally understand where yer coming from.  I kinda just needed a place to vent about not being able to go.  im glad you enjoyed yerself and am sure the show wailedddd.  but, it just sux when your fav band is in town and cant go see them beacuse some bar is too lazy to X kids hands and check id's.  still harpin. 

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