Fillmore show with Fleet Foxes 4/14

Lubenow 2/19/09

Just heard about this. "Tickets unavailable online" sez Live Nation. Could it have already sold out?! Oh the humanity! Jeez I hope it just hasn't gone on sale yet...

Trapper Team
Matt 2/19/09

Yeah, that's part of a quick run down to Coachella and back that the guys are doing with Foxes. Unfortunately (well, not that unfortunate!) that one sold out before BT was even on the bill. There's a show at the Rio Theater in Santa Cruz on April 16th, which just went on sale today:

Not even on the venue site yet actually. Might be worth the drive?

Trapper Team
Matt 2/21/09

Also just got word that there will be another Bay Area show announced next week, so hold tight and steer clear of the scalpers!

Trapper Team
Matt 2/23/09

Oakland show announced :)

Lubenow 2/27/09

I'll try and make it out, Tuesdays are tough. Think the band can stop by KALX in Berkeley while they're in town? Email me: [email protected]

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