Furr video!

Trapper Team
Matt 1/7/09

Pitchfork.tv just premiered the new video for Furr:


I think it turned out really awesome. Big props to Jade Harris for all of the amazing stop-motion work. Hope you all dig it!

UPDATE: Here's an embed from the BT youtube channel...


It's also on the video page of the site now.

Music Saves 1/8/09

This video is brilliant, great job!

walkinjingle 1/13/09

Hmm..very cool video for Furr. I like the style and coloring - goes well with the tone of the song. I also like the visuals during "obedience to god" indicating what I'd always known, that Early didn't necessarily mean a Christian God from Texas, but what "god" has meant to humans in past centuries and what god means to those who search internally.

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