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Remi Newhouse 3/11/12

If it hasn't been pointed out yet, there is an error in your Episode 3 video. Ya'll have Birmingham in Mississippi, and Atlanta in Alabama. Georians wouldn't want to be from Alabama, and Alabamians sure as heck don't want to be from Mississippi. I grew up in AL, so I know. Thanks to my continued education in Portland, I was able to spot that.
<a shout-out to Brian> "W##hh, ah %#% enntgh oo sh#$w auns$$dr ehvg###ing %% #s ahm."

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Ross McLochness 3/12/12

Ha!  Hey Remi!  What's up?! I was wondering when someone would figure that out.  We noticed it after the episode was put together, we meant no offense to anyone in those particular territories but decided it would be funnier to leave it incorrect.  I'm sure my Kaycee character is potentially more offensive than any geographical typo (though still not very).  But really, as an Alabaman, what's so bad about Mississippi?  Arent these borders and boundaries imaginary delineations anyhoo? At least this is proof that our degrees weren't all for nothing...Hope you're well my man! 

Remi Newhouse 3/12/12

No offense taken!! I was merely passing on a tip for future knowledge. I can't speak for the other 4 million plus Alabamians, but Mississippi only served as a passing-through point on the way to New Orleans. Everything else there is Alabama magnified 10x, teeth and all (or lack of).

Ya'll break legs on the rest of your tour!! After watching all the videos, I'm happy to report that I am now a fan. Look me up when ya'll get back into town and I'll take ya out for a brew or two!! Peace!

mojobaby75 3/24/12

Love the creative spellings of San Francisco and Santa Barbara in Ep.2 as well... :)


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