Chris 4/13/20
Maybe I’m out in left field here......but I’ve always liked American Goldwing better than Furr.......what a fucking album, I would love a follow up to that .....just thought I should put that thought out there in the universe.....

P.S. - I’m listening to destroyer of the void while typing this.... another beauty....can’t wait for the new album, take care everyone

munkymufin1 4/17/20
American Goldwing is a hell of an album.  I've listened to it on so many trips or just long roads home, and it stays new.  There's something uniquely searching and true in the album.

Picking a favorite BT album feels like picking a favorite kid, but AG takes me back to so very many special memories that it's almost a mystical nostalgia (if that makes sense).

Stay safe out there, Chris!
Jamie McPherson 4/28/20
I prefer AG to Furr.

Glad the forum is fixed.

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