Great show in Chicago last night

thermocaster 7/20/09

Just wanted to say a quick "thank you!" to the band for that awesome show they played at the Empty Bottle on Sunday night. I missed them at Pitchfork earlier in the day, figuring that I wanted my first Blitzen Trapper experience while standing 15 feet from the stage...and I couldn't have been happier with that decision.

Took my girlfriend to the show, too...this was our fourth show in four days. Elton John/Billy Joel at Wrigley on Thursday, the Black Crowes up in Waukesha on Friday, and then Pitchfork on Saturday, mostly to see The National. We both agreed that the BT show at the Bottle was EASILY the best of the four shows we saw.

Awesome job, guys. Thanks for playing Texaco! And whatever that new song was that Eric played, it was remarkable. Hope to see you all back in the midwest soon.

ALady 7/21/09

Texaco WAS great - were you the guys who requested it? Cheers!

I don't think there were any new songs played...maybe you're thinking of the "Last Thing On My Mind" cover?

thermocaster 7/21/09

It was actually the folks in front of us who requested, kudos to them. :)

Maybe it wasn't a new song, I dunno...I didn't recognize it, and Eric said it was a new song. It was the first song he played when the rest of the band left the stage in the middle of the set.

GrangerLang 7/21/09

Was it this one they played at Belly Up last week?

Trapper Team
Matt 7/21/09

That song GrangerLang just posted is called "Country Rain", and it's on Field Rexx. Such a great track, and I love the way Eric's performing it these days.

The new one was probably "The Man Who Would Speak True" -- Eric played that as the first song of his solo bit when I saw them in Sacramento, and this guy says they played it in Milwaukee too. That song has been recorded and could end up on the next album. The tracks are still being finished up though, so who knows!

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