Hafenkneipe, Switzerland Show

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Ross McLochness 11/24/10

I normally would never respond to these kinds of remarks but in this instance I feel compelled to.  Someone, a Swiss person I presume, wrote: 

"this was the most disapointing concert in my life.and i have seen quite a lot.1 hour playing nice and then no encore. wtf this band seems to have no respect.the house was full, not a great venue but anyway."

So, since you went all the trouble to log in and insult us on our forum because you didn't like the show, I too will log in and respond.  I am sure that I am overreacting to your accusation, but it's no less irritating for that.  What, may I ask, did we do that made it seem that we have no respect?  Was it the way that we crossed the ocean to play shows night after night with little to no sleep?  Or was it that we crammed nine people into a van and drove ten hours from Vienna that day, even though we had our van towed in the morning in downtown Vienna, setting us back a lot of money and making us late by two hours, only to load directly onstage and play without having eaten all day?  Or was it that I didn't personally apologize to you for the brevity of our set? (because I did do so to almost everyone else that I personally spoke with and sold merch to after the show)...

oh and btw, the venue Hafenkneipe, a tiny intimate affair run by sweet and generous people, was in fact, quite great according to everyone I talked to and who seemed excited that it happened there and not at the bigger venue in town that we were scheduled to play but got bumped from because Tricky couldn't sell enough tickets. 

Seriously people, we may all be afloat in a sea of pop-culture, but rock and roll shows don't just spring from the thigh of Zeus.  A lot of hard work goes into them, every time.  Even when they're lame.  So, maybe humble yourself just a bit next time before you log in. 


indied 11/25/10

I just want to say that I really hope the next album is called Spring from the Thigh of Zeus.  And that I would love the privilege of buying merch directly from Brian someday.  And that I'm sorry the situation was so rough in Switzerland.  Personally, I'm grateful to see you guys anywhere, under any circumstances.

Thanks for doing what you do!  It's all pretty amazing.

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Mentok 11/28/10

The thing with this show was that there was a strict cerfew becauswe of the neighbors up stairs.  If we had had more time, I'm sure that we would have played for longer.  I think that playing over at the Abart might have been a little more condusive to a more rounded out show, but playing at that little place was really fun and rowdy!

ricoh 11/29/10

I saw the guys at the Thekla in Bristol, and it was a pretty short set (45 minutes), but was absolutely fantastic.  Great songs and musicianship, made it a fab night.  I believe there was a 10pm curfew there as well, but it didn't spoil the night as Blitzen Trapper were awesome and the couple of support acts were also good.

northcountry 12/1/10

The Zürich show was awesome - short but really fun in such a small space!  Come back again soon - not all of us are so critical : )

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