"Heaven and Earth" music video

Eugenia 3/16/11


Time is 1:50 AM here in the Bay Area, and I'm watching Vimeo videos via the Roku box on my TV. I stumble on the Sub Pop channel on Vimeo, and I go through its videos. And then, within that listing, I'm surprised to find an official video for Blitzen Trapper's "Heaven and Earth". The video was uploaded on June 16th 2010, but to my knowledge no such video was ever announced.

Unfortunately, I can't see the video, because it is set to "private" on Vimeo. The only reason why I'm able to see its description, upload date and thumbnail, is because the Vimeo app on Roku has a privacy bug, where it lists all videos, even when set to "private"/"hidden", but at least it doesn't let you watch them. The web version of Vimeo does not have the listing bug.

From what I see in the thumbnail for the video, it's an older woman, lying on a bed in full (military?) attire, ill or injured. I can't make a lot out of it, but from her uniform looks like the video is a story about the Civil War or something. I could be completely off though, the thumbnail doesn't give away a lot.

I'm a music video director myself, and in my experience, whenever an already-paid music video sits as "hidden" for so many months, usually means that the band or the label didn't like the video, so they canned it (I had such a  case for one of my videos once, I took it hard and I lost my filmmaking mojo for months). I hope I'm wrong in this case though 'cause I'd love to see it.

gatorbutts 3/17/11

Here it is on MTVmusic.com:


Either it was just added, or no one has stumbled across it because it says I'm the 1st viewer.

Eugenia 3/17/11
Well, I guess nothing to do with the Civil War after all, but that's the one. :D Yeah, I'm guessing is freshly uploaded there?
The Lunar Sea 5/5/11
It's not available anymore. A Shame, I'd like to see it, and I can't find it on Youtube or any other sites.
spellme 5/11/11

So, Eugenia, or anyone else who's seen it, can you describe it a bit? I'm kinda curious, possibly because over the months, Heaven and Earth has risen above all the other songs on Destroyer Of The Void to become my favorite--and quite possibly my favorite BT song overall.

otisarungus 5/12/11

I only got to watch the video once before it was taken down, but here is what I remember.

It was an older lady carefully crafting a model earth like an art project. At the core was some yarn or twine, then she gradually added more layers of stuff that made up the crust, oceans and finally, the continents. All the while, clips were playing showing some not so great moments of humanity and she became disheartened with her creation after seeing the chaos.

I thought it was a really cool video. I'd like to see it again.

On a side note, this made me remember I had a weird, synchronistic moment with Heaven and Earth as the soundtrack. I was flying back from the west coast on a direct red eye from LAX to my home in Columbus, OH. I ate on the flight, had a beer or two, and put my headphones in. I decided to hit shuffle (which I never do) and drift off to sleep. Some time later I woke up to hear the start of Heaven and Earth. I looked out the window and saw the craziest lightning storm. We were so high above the clouds all we could see was constant lightning crackling across the sky. By the time I realized how rare of a moment this was, the second verse hit that lyrical, musical peak. Literally watching the lightning bolts "across the sky so high and clean" just hit me like a ton of bricks.

Putting 2 and 2 together I realized we must have been flying over the Oklahoma area. After checking news/weather stories soon after I read that tornados swept through the area and a lot of people died. That's something that will stick with me for a while.

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